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  • TD
    ...Christian scientists and other highly EDUCATED Christians...

    Would that be Christian Scientists or scientists who are Christians?

    --Sorry. Couldn't resist

  • Finally-Free
    Burns, I've read your posts here, your interpretation of the Bible and the like... the evidence is here on this thread as to what you believe. I seen you finagle scriptures and much more trying to defend a position that can't be defended. And your right, my words are harsh... I'm a big boy fire away if you don't like it.

    I don't believe in live and let live... I consider religion, and those who think they have some kind of hidden knowledge (A link with a God) that those of us in reality don't posess to be a danger to society. I've seen what believers can do with their nonsense, once they drop their logic, which all religions require as that is the very nature of religion, they do all sorts of crap that destroys social order. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating violence, and I've come to like many Christians I've met over the years... but I still think most of them are off their rockers and a danger to social advancement.

    So, Christianity and all other philosophies that lead society to drop logic must be defeated; in my mind religion must be philosophically destroyed.

    And I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings Burns, but anyone that believes in liter interpretations of the Bible are definatly NOT "very" intelligent... in fact they have a screw lose.

    I say these things because I can see where you are Burns, and I actually think you're going to come out of this funk you're in of defending the Bible. And yes, I actually think you're too smart to believe any of it. So, if I have to offend you now to get you to come on board later, then so be it-I want religion destroyed just that badly. But I'll say it again, no person is "very" intellectual who believes the Bible. In fact, they've dropped intellect long ago and they are now "just believing" which is what faith actually is.

    Sounds like it's all about you. Grow up. There are over 6 billion people on this earth who have never heard of you and will never give a f*ck about your opinion or even your existance. Same applies to all of us. You may consider religion a danger to society. I consider you, who does not believe in "live and let live" a danger to society. I didn't tolerate the policing of my mind from the watchtower cult. Don't think for a minute that I'll tolerate it from a stupid piece of sh*t like you. As far as I'm concerned, you're no better than they are. W

  • dawg

    Mary, this is what I said....

    "Its really very simple... we don't know the answer, and those who think they do are truly lost souls and by far the most stupid. I'll say it again, if you think you know for a fact something hasn't been proven, then your an idiot".

    Simple really, if you think you've proven there is a God, PROVEN it... then you are an idiot! Does that apply to you Mary? I doubt it because I've seen you attack something, I'm sure you already know you can't prove God.

    And as far as anger... please don't make stupid comments like that whomever made it. I'm not mad.. I've seen the enemy and I will use all powers I have to eliminate it philosophically. You that make statements like this should be ashamed; yet somehow you just can't grasp it.

    So, for all of you again... if you think you've proven there is a God, then you're an idiot. If you take the Bible literal and/or sit around trying to figure out the hidden meaning of a book that has been totally dis-proven as literal... you're an idiot. Read it, enjoy it, but if you think it's literal then your gone man.

    I'm being specific here, if you believe in God, no problem... as long as you are smart enough to know you can't prove it and therefore you don't slow society down by your beliefs and as long as your smart enough to know that you do NOT freaking have the facts to prove your beliefs. It's just something you believe. But if your make comments like "god has a human face" and place that argument in a discussion where facts are being presented, then that is VERY unintelligent. You can't prove such a thing as that and saying it makes you sound like an idiot. Sorry, but it does.

    What if I were to say that God looks like a zebra? Wouldn't you want proof? You'd think I was an idiot if I said that... so, place the shoe on our foots when we read ignorant comments like that. Its a really stupid thing to say. You can say, I believe in Jesus, but I can't prove it, I just believe it because it makes me feel good... no problem, that's logical...But God has a human face takes the conversation to la la land.

    And as for Atheism, I'm certain that Burns will see one day that he has no argument that's provable... he's too smart not to grasp this sooner or later... I could care less if he's an atheist or not, as a matter of fact, I find atheism just as unprovable as theism and possibly just as dangerous. We just don't know about old God man, its really just that simple... and taking a stand one way or the other without the facts, with no wiggle room for error would make the person that takes that stand in huge error as far as logic goes.

  • 5go

    Are you saying that anyone who believes in a God is an idiot? Better be careful there dawg.......I know several people who are highly intelligent who believe in a higher power.

    Some highly intelligent people believe in Thor. Oh wait now they don't, why not because the truth is there is no Thor. Though at one time adults held the belief there was a similar such being to him that existed. Today to hold that belief is a sign of naivety and stupidity. God is becoming the new Thor.

    IMO soon if you believe in god you won't be able to hold certain jobs, because a belief in a higher power that does not exist could interfere with your job performance. ( See JW's and Nursing )( See also evolution science use in medicine )

  • dawg

    Finally free... so you believe in live and let live do you... how about those FLDS guys molesting children? Its there religion after all.... please think about what your saying before you go that live and let live crap, I can go on forever with reasons living and let living is the way of a coward.

  • dawg

    Exactly 5go.. it's how someone believes that's the problem and thus the reason to not freaking live and let live. You can hold beliefs that's not logical, as long as you know it's not logical and you don't take that marriage to the real world....I'd fault a person not for that... but why is it that a person can't see they can't prove God or religion, and thus not affect society by whatever fairyland they've created in their minds?

  • dawg

    I meant marriage not marriage

  • Zico


  • BurnTheShips
    But if your make comments like "god has a human face" and place that argument in a discussion where facts are being presented, then that is VERY unintelligent.

    I don't think you understood what I meant by "God has a human face". I think you are a bit too literal yourself Dawg and your own literalmindedness has made you look foolish here.

    You really are third eye blind aren't you?

    Prying open my third eye.
    So good to see you once again.
    I thought that you were hiding.
    And you thought that I had run away.
    Chasing the tail of dogma.
    I opened my eye and there we were.

    So good to see you once again
    I thought that you were hiding from me.
    And you thought that I had run away.
    Chasing a trail of smoke and reason.

    All too often we talk past one another.

    What are words?


  • dawg

    Yea Zico, I'm a real idiot, but not so much of an idiot that I can't read... please read and see that God has a human face. That is a statement that Burns not only believes he has proven God, but that the Bible has the accurate description of that God. A totally illogical thing to say.

    Mary, I forgot... the statement that many smart people believe in God is an appeal to authority fallacy.

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