What is the best way to help BurnTheShips...

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    BurnTheShips seems to have adopted his name to convey the idea that there is no way back for him, to whatever he has left behind. He has approaches life in a dramatic and aggressive way tempered by a sense of humour.

    He informs me that he fights with the short-sword and buckler and has threatened to cut my throat and even attempted to cut my right arm off. He is getting beyond himself and forgets that I am The Gladiator.

    He could be helped but is handicapped by his passion and devotion to the vengeful and ill tempered God of the Israelites now the God of Christians.

    He has to choose between being a Christian or a Gladiator.

    Fortes fortuna iuvat

  • hillary_step


    So now it's the "cuddly club"? Where do I sign up?

    There is no need to sign up. What you need to do is to raise the obnoxious spectre of Rodney King whenever two people disagree about something and post 'Can't we all get along' after each of their posts. When they tell you to sod off and mind your own business, you explode into rage and call them the names that they were using to insult one another. This is called the Cuddly Catch 22.

    To be appointed as Ministerial Cuddly you need to tell people that you are 'here to support them' on their exit from the WTS and that you are listening to their every whine. That they may play you like a fiddle is all part of the Cuddly ritual.

    To be Elder Cuddly, you need to start some inane threads such as 'What Is Your Favorite Nuclear Device', if you are Dirty Cuddly, "What Size is Your Uncles Wifes Nipple Ring?", or Nurse Cuddly, "How Many Meds Are You Taking Today?".

    And HS, when you need some cuddlin', I'll be there for ya.

    Only my wife and mistresses are allowed to cuddle me. There is whole different sign up process for that one. ;)


  • BurnTheShips
    Do you still want to put words in your god's mouth. The bible was never open to interpretation.

    Really? What did Paul do regarding the interpreting OT scriptures and applying them to Jesus in his letters? Or Peter? Or James?

    Without interpretation it is just paper with ink, it is meaningless.

    Which a divinely inspired book shouldn't have a problem in getting it's point across.

    So you set the criteria for divine books? Are you on the editing commitee? Maybe it IS getting its point across, just not in a way you would expect, and not in the ordinary manner. It seems to be a mirror, revealing ugliness in some and beauty in others. What reflection do you see 5go?

    Though a man made holy book would have such a problem do to evolving morality and cultures. Remember having many wives and having sex with under age girls was OK early on in the bible but do to our evolved morality ( thanks mainly to the Romans and Celts ) find those disgusting today.

    The book is about God's revelation to humanity, which is ongoing. Here is an interesting article I read recently:


    I like the way Karl Barth put it; the Bible is a book about the revelation, not the revelation itself.

    As for the Romans and Greeks being more "morally evolved", they seemed to think little of infanticide, and found the Jewish prohibition noteworthy. The practice that ended when Christianity became commonplace, ditto also for the Celtic and Germanic tribes.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Dear Hillary:

    Your JWD primer should go in the "Best of" section, IMO.

    Would have sped up my personal evolution quite a bit.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    You didn't mention being a sycophant. I'm still working on not being quite so much of one.

    Ya bastard!


  • BurnTheShips
    Fortes fortuna iuvat

    Evangelium secundum Marcus:

    Iesus autem ait illi si potes credere omnia possibilia credenti

    et Isaias

    Numquid nescis aut non audisti? Deus sempiternus Dominus qui creavit terminos terrae non deficiet neque laborabit nec est investigatio sapientiae eius qui dat lasso virtutem et his qui non sunt fortitudinem et robur multiplicat

    Qui vincit?

    Roma? Vel Iesus?

    Ardeo Navis

  • changeling

    sycophant (pluralsycophants)

    1. One who uses compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage from another.
    2. One who seeks to gain through the powerful and influential.

    [edit] Synonyms

  • caliber

    We have many new prophets on the board,however not God's prophets !




    Ardeo Navis is a better sounding version of your name and worthy of a Gladiator.

    It seems that you are making an effort to overcome your demons and conquer a great enemy. I fear you are still relying too much on your Gods.

    Perhaps a longer sword would help you to become more self reliant.

    Your astounding progress in Latin indicates that you are serious about becoming a Gladiator.

    Eram quod es, eris quod sum


  • nvrgnbk

    He has to choose between being a Christian or a Gladiator.

    This is all in good fun.

    Burn, or as he refers to himself- The Burn, knows it.

    BTW, quaint of you to represent yourself as the tortured Christ.

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