How the new "generation" study went down in the meeting today

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    I actually did go to that meeting, and I wrote down some of the comments made. For the most part, there were no comments that were really interesting.

    However, at the very end of the Watchtower study, the conductor asked this question: "So, does this mean that some of those anointed ones who were alive in 1914 will still be alive when the end comes?"

    Another elder raised his hand and answered. He said:

    "Well, it is possible, I suppose, but most likely the answer is no. First of all Jesus said you had to SEE the sign, and to be one of the anointed who SAW the sign in 1914, you would be around 100 years old now at least. The new understanding shows that Jesus was NOT saying that some of those alive in 1914 must live to see the end."
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    Terry, I think you absolutely nailed the psychological motivations of most witnesses with both of your posts! Excellent summary! Bang on! I will save this one in my favorites.

    BTW, I was always the person who watched TV commercials and asked "what was wrong with the old soap that they had to improve it?'" So, I guess that is why I am out now. I only had to find the courage to apply that same sort of questioning logic that I naturally applied to everything else, to JW theology. Before I could do that I had to first overcome all those pshychological pulls that you described in your post.

    I also think the society will eventually make the annointed a figurative numer and have been saying so for 3 years now. They do not need to do this to cement power in the GB, as was already pointed out, but they do still need to do it in order to have some sort of coherent cohesion in their doctrines and to explain the glaringly obvious discrepancy in the numbers of annointed. They cannot fall back on "not all who partake are truly annointed" as an explanation for too much longer.


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    This spiffing thread what I wrote.

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    I'm glad this was bumped up. I didn't catch this when it was posted. It's just a case of a new set of people who don't do their research being conned by an old game. WT is so full of s**t it's criminal.


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    I shared my true feelings about the "truth" with a JW for the first time recently. She hardly goes to the meetings anymore, but she still believes it's the truth. I reminded her about the change in the generation teaching and she played dumb.

    She pretended that she didn't remember the Society taught the "generation" was a literal generation of 70 or 80 years. I reminded her that we were told growing up that we would probably never graduate from high school. She said she thought the Society had always taught that the generation = the anointed. She wasn't able to play dumb for too long, though, and later threw the "light gets brighter" card at me.

    JWs are too familiar and comfortable with conveniently "forgetting" embarrasing details of their faith. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of others just like her.

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    What an educationg thread, thanks everyone for your input.


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