How the new "generation" study went down in the meeting today

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  • caliber

    What was the 1995 change but another stop gap measure in a series of measures to buy time? If you learn to speak

    in riddles such as "none of woman born shall harm you " (Macbeth) he is killed off by Macduff Cesarean birth. If you are

    crafty and smooth you learn how to leave yourself escape routes yet still pacify and comfort your intended audience.

    Therefore there can be countless prophecy interpretation but only one eventual fate as Macbeth.

    Macbeth goes to the Witches again and receives three more prophecies. Urged on by Macbeth, the witches conjure spirits which tell him that he will not "vanquish'd be until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him" and that "none of woman born shall harm Macbeth," but also to "fear Macduff".

    So you see there are many prophecies but always only one fate!


  • middleman

    Well I have been "studying" with an EX Elder for months now, and I went last night to meet up with him and his family at the KH. It was a double bonus to hear the generation talk. I for sure stood out with my gaged piercings and 5 inch goatee. I throughly "enjoyed" the mass love bombing from no less than 20 people! I felt like a .....suuuuuperstar! I was there taking mental notes of who was doing what. When they started singing, many folks were barely singing, even the dude on stage....great fun. I noticed one song that was talking of being guided by the Holy Spirit, or something to that effect. Interesting.......

    Anyways the main question/thought I had for the elder, his wife, and other people listening was this. I "optimistically" proclaimed "that's awesome Jesus' Parousia happened in 1914 and was crowned king". I then asked "what exactly were the signs that showed this invisible presence?"Of course I got the typical dub answer of "you know the wars, famine etc." I then was like "ya lots happened in 1914." Their answer "sure did". Then my question "why did it take till the 1930's for the Bible students to see these obvious signs?....consider the Harp of God and all writings before the 30's speaking of 1874 as the Parousia". Their answer "well, we received new light on 1914" I said "yes Jehovah is revealing things more in more in these last days. What exactly did he reveal on the new light of 1914 in the 30's?"...... *crickets chirping*

    I'm surprised they didn't bring up the destruction of Jerusalem in 607BC and then the 2520 "days/years" used in Daniel to tell me the 1914 date. Wouldn't this have been the perfect time for them to inject this "explanation"?

  • Graham G.
    Graham G.

    I spoke with my 76 year old (witness) mother over the phone yesterday after that meeting. She was all depressed and said the same thing. I haven't been at the meetings for over 3 years, so I didn't know about the 1914 'new light' study. What a joke...

    All her life she lived in fear of Armageddon. Didn't dare to go on vacation every (Armageddon may come when I'm traveling!). She has been motivated by fear and guilt for over 50 years.

  • JCanon

    Thanks Gladiator:

    The Witnesses believe that they alone are God’s chosen people. They alone have God’s spirit and guidance. Israel was restored – the Witnesses were living proof! They believe that the Bible’s promise to bring Israel into a land of their own where they would dwell in peace and security has been fulfilled, on them.

    One red flag that comes up though is the connection with Britsh Iraelism; where Eurpeans aggressively assigned themselves as descendants of the lost 10 tribes of Israel, and where America is the true Promised Land. The winged disk, in particular was part of their symbolisms. The Mormons, likewise, believed similarly, that they had replaced the Jews or in fact were part of the lost ten tribes. While the witnesses have a different take on this, obviously besides inserting oneself into the promise given by Jewish Covenant to the Jews, it clearly seeks to exclude those natural Jews as having this special relationship with God that they once had. In the meantime, other groups clearly think the budding of the fig tree mention by Jesus in Matthew 24 (as the WTS once did) is a reference to the restoration of the Jews to the Promised Land. In a strange way, the witnesses exercise a form of British Israelism concepts.


    REF: British Israelism (sometimes called Anglo-Israelism) is the belief that that many early Britons, Europeans and/or their royal families were direct lineal descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel but rarely the Tribe of Judah. Proponents assert that national favor with God is based on a nation's status as an Israelite nation while individual salvation remains based on a personal relationship with God.

    The theory was greatly expanded and promoted to justify the break of the Church of England from the authority of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church under King Henry VIII, by British theologians claiming that the English were among the Lost Tribes of Israel. The theory played a significant historical role in the establishment of a church separate from Rome. [citation needed]

    Due to the Restorationist tendencies of the adherents, there has rarely been a central head, recognized leadership, or organizational structure to the movement. This has led to a diverse set of professions and beliefs ancillary to the genealogical claims. The ancillary doctrines held by some can often be contradictory to those held by others but a central theme revolves around the genetic connection of the believers with Biblical characters such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Most strands of British Israelism agree that large numbers of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were captured and enslaved by Sargon II, king of Assyria, on the fall of Samaria in 721 BC, [1] and then migrated to Northern Europe, the British Isles, and with European colonization eventually North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere around the globe.

  • lesterd

    Anyone posted a copy of th study issue?

  • jehovahsheep

    i have been dfd for 2 years.i was considering on going back but have changed my mind in light of this change in doctrine.i can also see how they are taking control of the bstudy.i have a customer who is a po of a congregation.he is ignorant that i used to be a witness.we discussed this new light and he seems very excited that we are very close to the end.after this conversation i relized i can never be part of that pathetic organization again.when is Jehovah going to lay bare this presumptous religion?

  • IKnowNothing

    There is an audio edition of the new generation study available at . The link to this specific article, entitled "Christ’s Presence—What Does It Mean to You?" is . I'm not a JW and didn't attend the local congregation's meeting so I can't comment on how it went down.

    I'm trying to find downloadable pdfs of WatchTowers. All WatchTowers up through 1949 are available online from . Does anybody have a link to the newer issues?

  • james_woods

    I think the spin needs to stop right here. Go to your room already.

    At least some of us know how to spell "sneak".

  • sir82

    Dude, who are you talking to?

    If hyperventilation continues to be a problem for you, perhaps you could try breathing into a paper bag.

  • undercover
    undercover not to win friends and influence people.

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