You tell me what I saw, if not Angels then what?

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  • BurnTheShips

    I believe you. My mother says that as a girl she fell in the street in L.A. and was about to get run over when something picked her up and put her in the sidewalk. There was no one there.

    EDIT: LOL. Just realized your experience was in L.A. also. Los Angeles.

    Que Los Angeles te protejan.


  • watson

    Ohhhhh, kay.

  • BurnTheShips
    I cannot speak for others, but I have 'doubts' in your tale only because your logic is nonsensical. That is why you avoided answering the difficult questions posed to you as to why the angels would go to such trouble to warn one insignificant person of approaching doom, but as I noted, failed to warn the 40,000 women brutally raped in Bosnia, some as young as ten years old, of their own impending doom.

    And those "things" needn't obey our logic. Or we don't have all the info on why they do or do not do some things (which we don't).

    "There are no angels, therefore it must have been something else."


  • real one
    real one

    I believe you. People are going to say things like they are saying here all day. They dont believe in God so why would they believe in guardian angels? People always use stuff like why didnt God do this or that well God does what he feels like doing when he feels like doing it. They dont know God or have a realistic view of God and thats why they react like that,.We know God and have some idea of how he works. All those atrosities and disasters you mention are allowed by God to happen. He can resurrect the dead and dry the tears from all of our eyes. he will do these things in his time not ours. We are just vapors here on earth, here today gone tomorrow. Worship God everyday so that he will recognize you one day.

  • wednesday


    I'm not going to tell you it was not real, I've lived long enough to know that the amount of things i don't know is astounding.

    I do believe the angels help us. Nothing will shake that belief. However i can laugh at myself too.

    for instance- I was very afraid recently and missing a friend who had passed. I prayed for a sign that they were with me. their name is Irwin. amazingly i was watching Animal Planet channel and Steve Irwin was on. what were the chances? pretty good since it was the Animal Planet Channel . you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.

  • Jim_TX

    I am not going to comment on whether or not I believe that 'angels' stopped traffic. If someone wants to believe this - what's the harm?

    I _will_ comment to those who do not believe that traffic lights can malfunction. They do.

    I was driving back to work one day after lunch - with my wife in the car. We were stopped at an intersection - a red light. The cross-traffic had a green light. Then our light turned green. I said 'what th'?...' as I looked at the traffic - no one wanted to go through the intersection.

    I finally decided to get on through it - I gunned it and went on my way. Others at that light were also puzzled.

    Both me and my wife - and others in the cars next to us - and behind us - saw this anomaly. The lights were green in more than one direction. - at the same time.

    There were no technicians there working on the traffic lights. It was a bright sunny day. No rain. No fog. No angels. Just a mal-functioning traffic light - that self-corrected itself after a few minutes.


    Jim TX

  • Shawn10538

    Dear lord! How easy it is to convince some of you people of supernatural events! It's like some of you are on the edge of your seats just pissing yourselves in anticipation of something unexplained to come your way so you can jump on it and claim a visit from another realm. There is no evidence at all offered here, just a stupid story by someone who you don't even know. It could be completely made up. Yet some of you come out of the stalls racing for some "God explanation." Geez, you people are sick AND stupid. I laugh at you openly for such gullibility. It's childish and not funny or cute at all. Can anyone prove that they were not angels. NO. We can not prove a negative. But here's some rational explanations:

    First and formost: Cop cars, buses, ambulances and the like have devices that "freeze" the lights or change them so that they can pass by on a green. This is a commonly known fact.

    Ikbars and habfros came by to save you.

    Hyper tension caused you to hallucinate.

    Heartburn gave you a warm fuzzy feeling that made you hallucinate.

    Some fallacies: Yes, cop cars DO have solid red lights, I've been ticketed by them before.

    Yes, other emergency vehicles DO stop for oncoming sirens, it is a matter of safety.

    Questions: How do you know oncoming traffic had a green if you couldn't see it from your direction? Could you be mistaken about that?

    OK I'm just kidding! Of course I believe your quaint little story! In fact I had an angel visit me just now, and he said that all of you here who believe that story was angels must send me all of their money or else die of torture at the hands of God. I have gold plates in my basement to prove this. Please send your money to heaven's new address: 777 Gullible Lane, Shittown, NJ. Be sure to include some of your slobber as proof of your spirituality. (Drool, duh..... hic, slobber slobber.)

  • Jeffro
    I had a similar experience but no visions. I wasn't able to go thru the intersection on my left turn light. My foot just wouldn't hit the gas pedal. the cross traffic light was red. But another car when right thru on the red light. The car would have t boned me if I had gone thru.

    That is indecision due to seeing an unslowing vehicle in your peripheral vision. Your indecision to hit the accelerator (or 'gas' for you Americans, though it extends your already absurd defintion of 'gas' as a liquid to also including it as a solid) very likely wasn't because of angels. And even if it was, it gives no credibility to the other story.

  • hillary_step


    And those "things" needn't obey our logic.

    Many religious people, like yourself, tend to live outside of logic, that is why you are prepared to believe anything and everything as long as it fits in with your religious paradigm. If it does not, then at that stage it tends to become 'illogical'.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Very interesting experience. And I can't say what happend to you. I will say that I believe angels do step in at times. The same people who don't believe in angels often believe in extra terrestials. To me, angels are extra terrestials, they just are made from different substance than us.

    And for people who say that angels couldn't have saved you since they didn't save tsunami victims, how do we know those people aren't a lot better off than those of us left behind on this chaotic earth? And many people did survive the tsunamis. I often think people are spared for good reasons. Our lives all intertwine...

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