You tell me what I saw, if not Angels then what?

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  • still_in74

    the police had Pre-Emption for emergency vehicles installed in their cars. When they approached they got the pre-empted Green as they are supposed to but the intersection controller was not programmed properly, Thus your arrow stayed green and this didnt happen again after they left as there was no longer a Pre-Empted call to the intersection.

    Not uncommon in the traffic world at all. As for their appearance, who knows...

  • Anti-Christ

    Cool stories, I like jagarbass's very cool! I had weird things happen to me and I still do have weird things happen to me. There are so many possibilities that to say for sure with out all the knowledge would be arrogant. I guess we automatically find explanations that fit our belief system. I think what is important is how WE explain it to our self and what it does for us. These experiences are very personal.

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