You tell me what I saw, if not Angels then what?

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  • betterdaze

    ***What I didn’t realize was that even though I had a green arrow in my lane to turn, the oncoming
    traffic also had a green light to go straight.***

    There is no intersection in the civilized world where traffic lights are timed like this, or head-on
    collisions would occur around the clock.

    There was no malfunction. Your driving habits were erratic and this brought the attention of the police
    "angels" who observed you for a short while until the signal changed. Even then, you were still confused.

    It may have been a mini brain stroke or a simple brain fart on your part. Have you seen a doctor yet?

    Those of us who recognize that left-turn signals DO NOT coincide with green lights for oncoming traffic
    need to know you are okay so you don't COLLIDE with our vehicles and KILL us.

    Police "angels" notwithstanding, of course.


  • middleman

    hubert wrote "Okay, how about the cops stopped you from turning because one of the vehicles that was one of the oncoming cars was carrying a very, very important man/woman and that's why the cops stopped you and that's why the oncomng traffic lights stayed green. (Or, maybe they ywere red, you couldn't have seen them from your opposite side of the light.
    That's my take on it. Sorry to bust your bubble."

    If these "cops" were stopping me from turning because they were in a hurry to transport an important person, then why did they wait for all of the cars behind them to pass around them before taking off? It's pretty obvious that MOST people stop when they see emergency lights and hear sirens don't they? Why did none of these people? Let me reiterate that the "cops" DIDN'T get out and direct traffic. Yes the lights behind me were green as well, I do have a review mirror and I also stuck my head out of the window to check. It's ok bro, you're no bursting my bubble. We don't have to understand everything in life.

  • Jeffro

    I believe that you are relating the story as you remember it. I don't believe it happened the way you say it did. It is unlikely that the lights would happen to malfunction just the once and then continue to operate normally. I think it is more likely that you were distracted by an emergency vehicle, started turning against traffic, and panicked a little. Because you panicked, details got mixed up in your mind, and you confused some of the details, intertwined with your perception of what 'angels' might look like. There may have been accompanying factors to both your being distracted and your improper recollection, such as low blood pressure, dehydration, lack of sleep, and various other conditions. This is much much more likely.

  • Jeffro
    If these "cops" were stopping me from turning because they were in a hurry to transport an important person, then why did they wait for all of the cars behind them to pass around them before taking off?

    They may have been waiting for a vehicle travelling in convoy that may have been separated by other traffic. Much more likely than concluding that they were angels that materialised with a vehicle in the way of other traffic because of a once-off traffic light malfunction.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I believe you...I cannot explain it but I certainly believe you!


  • avengers
    I am just fully convinced that God protects us in so many ways that we don’t even know how.

    If that's the case then tell me why little children still suffer and die.

    God protecting us?


  • Gopher

    Oftentimes when an accident occurs, neutral uninvolved bystanders will each give a different account of how the accident occurred.

    In your case, Middleman -- you were in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation, and so like witnesses to an accident --- each one will have his/her own memory or reconstruction of what happened.

  • middleman

    Rapunzel wrote "I am glad that you benefited from God's undeserved kindness in your traffic incident. But I have to wonder where God was when that tsunami struck south Asia a couple of years ago. You remember the one that killed an estimated 300,000, don't you? A truly nasty affair. Or, how about the thousands of people who die each day simply because they lack food and/or potable water? I'm glad that you find comfort in the idea that God sent angels to play traffic cop on your behalf. It kind of warms the heart, especially when one thinks of all those people who have died so needlessly in Iraq and the world over. Every day, people die horrible, agonizing deaths. Just think of Aushwitz, Dachau, Treblinka - a veritable litany that would make anyone start to sing: "What a wonderful, wonderful world!" And to think that God sent a couple of his very own "Eagle Scouts" to your rescue!"

    I can't say that I have your answer but we don't always know what God's plans and purposes are. I know that statement sounds harsh huh? What I'm about to say is not for you to feel sorry for me but out of relevance to your post. I've had MANY family members and friends pass away in my life (suicide, Cancer, Lupis, carwrecks, heart attacks, murder etc), some young and some old. I'm not going to go into numbers but I assure you I've experienced loss and plenty of pain in my life. Yes I have blamed God for things in the past and even still do at times (out of frustration) but know at the end of the day I know God is in control. I'm currently in a challeging situation where I've been on disability for over 8 months and money is running out . I'm only 30. I'm also in quite a bit of pain but I choose to not be mad at God. I've been bordeline homeless a couple of times ( LA can be rough) but he has always provided. I'm not gonna go into a laundry list (I could write a book hehe), cause at the end of the day we all go through STUFF. Yes this life IS challeging BUT, it's nothing compared to eternity. And about Iraq, yes it's BS what's going on over there and I want my friends and family home like anyone else. Even if they came home tomorrow, it still doesn't bring dead loved ones back or give my friend back his leg that was taken by a RPG. "To much is given much is required", you can interpret that how you wish.


  • middleman

    cognizant dissident wrote "When there are two possible explanations for an unusual incident, it's logical to choose the most plausible one which is usually the one that doesn't have any divine deity randomly intervening supernaturally in order to save the lives of a select few while thousand of others are allowed to perish."

    Let's put it this way, even if a person were dead (clinically, no EKG readings etc) and came back to life days later, there's ALWAYS gonna be people that doubt a miracle. That's just our nature. I could tell you some of the miracles that I've witnessed and I just bet you could find a way to deny it. No hard feelings.


  • middleman

    Elsewhere wrote "Sounds like a typical funeral precession or some sort of official escort for a VIP. Traffic control vehicles speed ahead to each intersection to ensure the precession (or VIP) can drive through regardless of what color the traffic light is."

    I can assure you it wasn't a funeral procession, that's what I was doing before I went on disability. I worked for a cemetary and have led MANY funeral processions including some big LA names. A very important motorcade usually involves scores of motocycle cops, like when we had our govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the LA mayor come out to our park. Once again as I already posted, If someone important was being transported, why were people not stopping for the sirens and lights? How about the cars positioned at my 9:00 taking a right when the coast was clear. They were going right past the flashing lights as well . I assure you this was not a motorcade. Please don't insult my intelligence.


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