How did you find this site?

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  • Carmel

    Sitting in my flat in Haifa, Israel eight years ago reading H20 and getting tired of the few foulmouthed contributors decided to try this site. There were only thirty or so contributors but the conversation was much more in keeping with mutual support and understanding. Lotta water under the bridge since then..... carmel

  • noni1974

    I had a really bad episode with an elder at my uncles death bed. I googled looking for the watchtower web site. I found JWF then JWO then JWD all in the same few day's in 2005. I had been DA ed for years at that point but I was looking for how JW's treat relatives who have left when someone dies. It took me several months to even read here or make a thread because JWF met my needs for the first few months. Then I moved on to JWO and Slippy's then after 2 years of being on the boards I finally started reading JWD nearly everyday.

  • jaguarbass

    I was surfing the net looking for answers to the meaning of life, is the bible the word of God. What is truth, etc and I stumbled on it.

    The site.

  • Galileo

    read an offhand comment on jwfacts that he "spent way to much time on JWD". Googled JWD and here I am!

  • betteroffdead

    the constant hounding to not look on the internet from the stage peaked my curiosity. best thing they ever babbled about.

  • momzcrazy
    momzcrazy I can't remember how I found them though. Must have been a search on Google.


  • only me
    only me

    My husband kept saying that I must be going on apostate sites because I stopped going to the meetings. Eventually I read about the UN scandal and did research which lead me to Freeminds. I figured I might as well go ahead and read iit if I'm being blamed for it anyway. I knew the truth when I saw it and eventually checked out the link to this site. I have learned so much here.

  • oldflame

    I stumbled on this site through Thanks Randy

  • Marsha

    I really just wanted to meet other proud Jw's like me who didnt have to get bashed but just be themselves :) and it seems like this place is here so im here for a bit. and i googled it. come on who dont love google? lol

  • AudeSapere

    Hi Marsha -

    Welcome to JWD. It really is a great place to be and learn.

    You may be surprised to know that there are quite a few elders, former elders, inactive witnesses, active witnesses, disassociated and disfellowshipped people here. It's an open forum so everyone is welcome.

    I hope you stick around. There really is trememdous support for whatever your involvement is.


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