How did you find this site?

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  • bigmouth

    Hi Marsha,
    <br><br>You seem like a really sweet girl. (I've read your profile) Welcome!
    <br><br>Are you prepared to read some things that you may find disturbing ?

    edited- I just googled 'Jehovahs Witnesses' one day. It felt like googling porn ! I was touched by the experience of others who had developed depression and feelings of worthlessness by never being able to please Jehovah (aka the Watchtower Society)

  • Casper

    My oldest daughter found this site thru Google, and said I should check it out. That was April, 2001...

    I've been here ever since.


  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    little curiosity begat internet searches, which begat begat freeminds guestbook, which begat reading the rest of the site, which begat jwfacts, which begat silentlambs, which begat jwd, which begat which begat many years of occasional lurking, which begat regular reading, which begat occasional posting... who knows what's next?

  • WTWizard

    By typing "Ex-Jehovah's Witness" into a search engine and reading just about everything that came up.

  • Robert7

    In my early 'getting out' of the WTS, I came to the conclusion that I'm an Atheist. I found it very strange that a former JW could be an Atheist, as it seems to go from one extreme to the other. So I did some Yahoo searches for people's experiences turning from JW to Atheist. Well, very quickly I found this site with many people with VERY similar experiences.

    Gotta love open communication over the Internet! The FDS must fear this SO much.

  • oompa

    Pretty sure I googled "old Watchtower scans" as I was trying to find out what was really being taught around 1919. And aint it funny when you read the Proclaimers book, it will say "see WT 1922 p. 24" and yet WT gives you NO FRIKKIN WAY to go see it! But found JWD and LOTS of info...........................oompa

  • crapola

    I found this site thru my dear son who was trying to help his Mom see the light.Little did he know that I was already coming around to what JW'S are really all about. But this has helped me tremendously in making my decision to fade away and start living my life. Plus I've made really good friends here.

  • DanTheMan

    first 'postate site I ever perused was this one:

    it's kind of a weird place now, but when I first found it back in 2002, I really enjoyed it.

    I think that it led me to freeminds, which led me to here.

  • Guest39

    I was trying to find what publication was released at the assembly I missed (yah, yah, I know). This was the only site that had not only the title, but a pdf of it! I downloaded the pdf, but haven't read it yet - probably never will at this point.

    If the 'official' website had had this information, I probably would still be a faded jw, but now I'm an informed faded jw - CofC and everything!

  • Seeker4

    I found freeminds years ago when I first started going online to learn about the JWs. Freeminds and Docbob's site were a big help, and I was soon an active poster on the old H2O site where I worked out a number of issues. Robert7's comment was similar to my experience. How does one go from being a gungho JW elder to an atheist? The trip is much easier than one might expect, as many on this board well know.

    H2O had some problems and Bill Bowen, in a telephone conversation I think, told me that JWD was the place to be. Came here seven years ago and have been a happy member ever since.


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