Umm about me the things that i love are the simple things in life i love the rain the smelll of it when it's coming the way it sparks and feels cold against the skin then heats up and feels like a liquid blanket lol im so wierd.But who do we have to thank for this our loving father Jehovah. I am a proud young witness, i also LOVE TO WRITE i'm a writer and i write anything from romance to horror or sci-fi. I love the piano and guitar my favorite things to do when the rain comes besides sleep ^-^. I'm very intellectual im always thinkin some times i get trapped in there HELP!I also love history i'm facinated by it. I absolutley adore my friends and family these ppl mean the world to me. I love myself and believe i'm beautiful and unique as every woman should.Music is where i live my best inspiration would prob be amy lee from evanescence i love her style and music it's so me.I love to be alone with rain and a pen and paper lol.MY DREAM ANAD GOAL is to be soon baptised so that i can dedicate my life to jehovah :) as well i'm not askin for help i know who i am and what i like and if this is it, so be it lol. i'd like to meet ppl like me and opposites of all sorts i can relate to aanybody but please be yourself and be polite. So welcome all friends!p/s