The Watchtower Society Shows Their True Colors Again

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  • Quandry

    Welcome to:

    Truth and Justice-We can all use some!!!!

  • Awakened07
    It would be fine IF IT WERE TRUE!!!

    Even then it wouldn't really be fine.

    What is it about this religion that makes it feel that current suffering is A-OK since it'll be done away with sometime in the future? How many people have died from poverty and deceases in the time JWs have been active, and how many could they have helped? "The good news" - even if true - haven't happened yet, and many people have lived and died while JWs have preached this 'good news'.
    "The success of philanthropy will always be limited. Why? For one thing, neither money nor a good secular education can eliminate such problems as greed, hatred, prejudice and false religious beliefs. Accordingly, rather than set up philanthropic organizations, Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to devote their time and financial resources to announcing the good news of God's Kingdom."

    What kind of bullsh*t reasoning is this!? You can apply this to any problem in the world; "We probably can't eliminate it, so why even try" !?

    Why try stopping pollution and come up with better technologies, why try to come up with new medicines, why try anything!? And it's not even true - - when we actually do try, there is a real chance we can eradicate certain problems. One thing is for certain: If we don't try, nothing good will happen. How frickin' gullible must one be to believe this cr*p!? Sorry.
  • MidwichCuckoo
    How many articles have you read that ask for money and then gives the stories of young children robbing their piggy banks and sending in 2 or 3 dollars?

    Like THIS one...? A few children donating to the Katrina fund...AKA the Watchtower, lol. Why doesn't the WT encourage its 'victims' to donate directly? Does it need to take its cut first?

  • 2tired2care

    I have not sent a red cent to the society in about 9 years and my life has been so much more stress free since. To equate my devotion to God by how much money I offer was a mistake on my part God does not nor has he ever needed any money from me. But this attitude toward charity or fellow feeling does not just pertain to any monitary contributions one might give while a member of the JW religion. Let me give you an example.... About 5 years ago my wife and I just had our little baby girl we were at a Sunday morning meeting when all of a sudden a young boy who was sitting with his mom and 2 other siblings(you know the one the with the single mom with financial and emotional problems?) he threw up in his lap very sick we noticed right away and what only amounted to 10 seconds(an eternity if you ask me) everyone in the row along with attendants just looked at the family with looks that said "you are disturbing the meeting". Totally disgusted my wife and I went over to help them baby in hand my wife assisted me in helping the boy only one other brother who was coming out of the bathroom helped us no one else made a move. She thanked us after the meeting and from that day forward it began to feel as if the elders had some issue with me did I step on their toes? Was I out of line? Y,now I really dont care.

  • 2tired2care

    One more thing(Im sorry I have alot to say) Philanthropy may not be perfect but that is not the issue God knows we are imperfect but if we GIVE in spite of this flaw. Just like a loving father he will take that into consideration and he will be proud of our SINCERE effort.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The WTS. had stared out as commercial venture as it still continues today, money and power breeds corruption

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    The wtBtS success has always been limited. They have not attained perfection in anything they've done. You hear it all the time, "well, we're all imperfect." Accordingly, by the WT's own standard, they should shut down the printing presses and close up shop. Lemme hear ya say YEAH!

  • mouthy

    Welcome to tired tocare . I bet that Mum was thanking God for your help.

    Reminds me of a time when I called on a woman ,& spoke to her about the "lie" she said she was busy could I come back in 15 minits ,,,I did. But when I went back -( her phone must have been right inside the front door. ) I heard her say in a low voice ," Oh she is back ,I am not answering the door. "
    So I wrote her a letter () telling her I heard that remark. & Jehovahs didnt like liars !!! ( well I was in my judgement life) .... Anyway she turned up at the kingdum Hell & told the Elders what I had done... She had a baby with her, She was invited to sit with an elders wife. I sat at the back.... But the baby kept fussing, So I went up & asked if I could have the baby at the back. She agreed , BUT as I went to sit down I twisted my ankle ,I got the baby to sleep but my ankle was swelling, & swelling & swelling, LOL... & the pain!!!! wow! I had to be carried out of the kingdom Hell by two very upset Brothers....LOL

    Memories memories....

  • R.Crusoe

    lol @ Cognac lol @ Golf without spot from the world.

    The rainbow of the WT runs red and all the animals are pissed off!

  • Free

    Can you believe it ? I would love to see how many rich Witnesses leave their money to the Watchtower, They (Brooklyn) have it covered , just in case someone has that kind of money that it wouldn't be in the kingdoms best interest to build schools or parks or something just to help humanity, but rather " Give it to us" , "We wouldn't squander it like your worldly relatives would." You would be making friends with the world if you put your name on a library and it would be a form of idolatry." Send check to:The CONTROL FREAKS WHO KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WITH YOUR MONEY BETTER THEN YOU DO MORONS IN THE STAR CHAMBER @ BROOKLYN BETHEL.

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