"Real one" threatens athiests with Jugement Day! Why do Christians do this?

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  • real one
    real one
    lilly says:

    realone is a legalistic Christian, on the same par as the Pharisees. They continue to judge others when Christ specifically tells his followers not to. He better watch his back for with the same jugement rod he is using Christ said "you will also be judged". Peace, Lilly

    It never ceases to amaze me how christians love to talk about other christians. I am on this site to preach and teach the gospel. I am commissioned to do this according to Matthew 28:19-20. This is life saving information I am telling you to think about. When Jesus came to earth he told these things i talk about to the crowds. So I guess if any christian has a problem with what i say they need to go read their Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them so that they may see what Christ wanted us to do. There are many people that are going to die and be tortured forever. God does not want that to happen. Thats why i get on here and ask all non-believers to repent and allow God to come into their hearts. He wont force himself on you. but if no one tells you this how will you know? Do you know that God is just waiting for you to ask him into your hearts? He will give you faith.

  • lovelylil


    How can you teach anyone about Christ when you instantly repel them with your judgemental non Christ-like attitude on the onset? No one is going to listen to you and your holier than thou attitude. Since you are a Christian also, please tell me WHERE Christ tells you to go give a message of Judgement to the nations? The message we are to go with is the "gospel" which is good news about the Christ. We are ambassadors for him, and are to give a "Witness" about him only. We do not live in the Judgement time and therefore are NOT to judge anyone. Whether they accept our Witness of Christ or not. If they reject it you are to just go on to the next person. You are not to condem or Judge anyone just because they will not accept your message about Christ.

    You are a legalistic fundamentalist with a narrow interpretation of the Bible, and are not representative of true Christians. Before you "teach" you have a lot to "learn". I explained this to you before. Please stop giving all Christians a bad name and learn what the gospel message truly is. Then you can witness about it. Peace, Lilly

  • inrainbows

    Many people would hold that, by definition, anyone doing that would NOT be a Christian.

  • Satanus

    Those threats are cuz he luvs people. Or, is it hate, i can't remember.

    Seriously, though, I think a lot of the fundy type christians have a sort of suppressed jealousy because nonbelievers are free to do anything, guilt free and punishment free. Things that fundy christians do not allow themselves to do or try not to contemplate doing because of their programming. The freedom of the nonbelievers touches a nerve, somehow. It presents an affront a challenge to their faith. That is because faith is needed, as long as they do not know. If they knew, in a concrete sense, they would just privately have a feeling of rightness. They would not need to voice anything. The existence and vocalizations of nonbelievers produces a state of cognitive dissonence, that moves them to try to make others share their belief. That sharing serves to shore up their belief and reduce the dissonence. Leon festinger explained this syndrome in his 1957 book 'when prophecy fails' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_Prophecy_Fails


  • Junction-Guy

    But then that too would be judging, so the person saying he isnt a Christian is guilty of judging too, thereby not being seen as Christian by others-- a circular type situation.

  • worf

    Witness 007,

    I agree with you. And all religions are cults anyway, and they more or less have the same effect on those who are involved in them.

    The "religious" woman in the movie "The Mist" was an excellent example of the cultish, mind controlling, bull$hit, that religion puts on people. In that movie, she pronounced judgement on everyone else, but she is the one who was executed.


  • lovelylil

    realone is judging in that he is condeming people to death. Basically saying they have already been found guilty by God to be destroyed at armegeddon. This is not even the right of any christians to do. He is no better than any average jw that condems the world around them as unworthy of life.

    Since he is claiming to be a Christian, then as a Christian myself, I can rightfully uphold the teachings of Christ and use them as the standard by which realone is supposed to adhere to. I am not personally making a judgement against him. I am using the measuring rod of Christ to see if realone is sticking to the proper message.

    Since we are not judges but ambassadors sent merely to "witness" or "preach" a message of good news, realone is not holding true to the religion he claims to be part of. He has no right to say who will/ will not be accepted by God. We are not in the judgment time yet and he is making himself a self appointed judge. This is contrary to scripture. Lilly

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Real one says: "Many people will die and be tormented forever. God doesn't want that to happen....he won't force himself on you."

    Won't force Eeeh! My choices - Serve God or roast in hell forever.....Mmmm can I think about it for awhile....will hell have spicy ribs and chicken? How can God punish me for eternity for my 30 years of life...doesn't seem fair.

    Lily your point of view is you may make a believer out of me!....maybe.

    Real one YOU are not the judge and should be ashamed of yourself as only God knows the heart and can judge others.

  • JeffT

    I'm a Christian, but I specifically avoid making those kinds of statements. Everybody on this board has had the WTBS version of the Bible crammed down their throats until it was coming out their ears. None of us need more of that. If it seems appropriate to the discussion I will say what I think, and y'all can take it or leave it as it suits you.

    For the record, I wish people like me didn't have to clean up the messes left behind by some of the other flavors of Christian.

  • lovelylil

    Amen to Jeff.

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