It is official. I am an elder now!

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  • Cordelia

    I completely understand!! thats prob bad for you as i have been known to make bad decusions,

    I thought that about the holy spirit i was drunk the night they reinstated me even had to go for a piss in the middle of it, i text sirona and talked 'apostate' then while waiting text lots of my freinds an anti witness message, coz once i got reinstated i thought they would think, how can the holy spirit be behind that!

    but all my family said is sometimes they make mistakes!!

    i really wish you well pm me if you want to talk, i really do understand, looking forward to inside info!!

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Also, make sure you don't recruit anyone new!

    OOTB, what are your plans for dong the baptismal questions? Are ya gonna "fail" everyone? heh heh

  • orangefatcat

    Well I don't know quite what to think OOTB, I am slightly confused by all of this but I haven't been on the board in serval weeks so I didn't see any of your previous threads.

    First of all we have(JWD) been informed the WTS has great interest on this board, they apparently come in and check out what is happening so here is what I am thinking. If you are going to be or are an new elder, and the WTS is lurking in here aren't you concerned that they will find out your identity? It isn't hard anymore to find out who is who these days. I am sure the WTS has hackers. I mean lets face it the WTS is paranoid. They have to see what so called subversive things apostates are doing. They have dropped to this level of spying. Paranoia is rampant in the organization. They figure everyone is out to get them.. Just like all the early founders of this organization. It seems its foundation is based on that word...

    Secondly, I know that it has happened in the past that men have infiltrated the organization and gotten pretty close to the top so as to "GET the INFO" on how JW's function and what kind of trouble they can stir up in the congregations. They apparently did this during the War Years. There were inflitartors who would send out letters of directions to the congregation and using the letter head of the Society causing huge rifts with in the congregation and with the Organization. Now I am taking this to be quite factual as my father who was once an elder and I to recall reading older copies of yearbooks that told of such stories. Men going to great lengths to cause self destruction in the ranks of the witnesses.

    Thirdly aren't you afraid that you could be discovered.? If so how do you think this will affect your wife and children your marriage? And it could very well happen that it may backfire on you. Have you calculated the cost in emotional and mental anguish and stress this will put on your family and your self?

    Don't get me wrong OOTB, you sound sincere, but really it is like your walking on unsafe ice. What if you hurt the ones you love? Will they dispise you or will they forgive you when your found out? I mean lets face it at some point and time your going to end up in some kind of hot water. Putting on a facade for so long can be really hard, healthwise it could kill you, you could cause someone you love to do harm to themselves. Isn't this price to high ?

    I just can't computate in my mind what you hope this will all accomplish. The congregations are full of gossipers and spies. I know this all to well , as my father was really good at spying on others in the congregation. He'd go to any length to find someone doing something wrong. I am sure between his years of self indulgence as an alcoholic and the years of playing a secret cop put him in an early grave. Not that that matters to me, as he hurt so many people on his HIGH and MIGHTY POWERFULL EGO TRIPS he lost me years and years ago. I had no respect for him what so ever. He was a Toxic man in the cong. and at home he was a toxic parent as well as my mother. Toxic parents can destroy a child or marriage quicker than anything else. Don't get me wrong I am not saying your Toxic, but it could develop without your knowing it. Being Toxic to you family and to the people you assert to love is a dangerous thing that your doing .

    My depth of concern is for your wellbeing and that of your family. Woundn't it be easier to sit down with your wife and tell her the truth and see if you can show her the dangers of the WTBTS? Truthfulness is the better route. I am not you and I don't know anything about you. So I don't know what else to tell you. You haven't got a profile so I can understand what or where you are coming from.

    Far be it for me to be judgemental but you must be honest to yourself. Playing a game can in some cases lead to a tremendous loss. Or you may win. But whatever route you go remember there will be consequences.


  • tooktheredpill

    Hello OOTB!

    First of all, welcome to the Jungle, and I'm really Sorry for your new "Privilege". I just hope that we both can find an exit to this mess we are in...

    At least let me tell you that being an Elder you can make some good things for some people. Even when you know that the WT beliefs are wrong, and the Elder's procedures are all BS.

    For example, I was called for a Sheperding visit some time ago. The young couple that we visited, told us that they commited fornication years ago. (They are very nice, by the way). The bad part: the other Elder that went with me is one of the most hard-core in the congregation! Normally, if we know about a case like this (a confession), we are supposed to create a Judicial Comitee immediately. Do you know what I did?

    I took the lead! When they confessed, and before the other Elder opened his mouth, I immediately opened the bible, and looked for some texts that talked about Jehovah's mercy and pardon. And I started to talk. I praised them for "letting us know about it". I let them know how important it is to read THE BIBLE daily, and praying to God to understand it.

    The funny thing was that the other Elder started to give them some suggestions, but following MY line of thought!!

    After the visit, I talked to the Elder, and explained him that it was no good to comdem them to a JC, because "they looked really repentant and that the fornication occurred only once". And he AGREED!

    So, at least I saved that couple from a JC, and all the gossiping and aggravation that happens when there's a confession...

  • MissingLink

    Even if he is caught and DF - he's still made the point to those who know him that the whole "Elders are apointed by holy spirit" thing is a bunch of BS.

  • nvrgnbk
    You hear that WTS!!! Your holyspirit is crap at picking elders!! lol
    Even if he is caught and DF - he's still made the point to those who know him that the whole "Elders are apointed by holy spirit" thing is a bunch of BS.


    This is the ultimate mockery.

    The ultimate blasphemy.

    Great sense of humor, OOTB.

    You can do a lot to weaken the already struggling faith of many.

    Sprinkle your talks with liberalism and realism...

    you know what to do.

  • flipper

    OUT OF THE BOX- I wish you the best of success in helping your family escape the cult friend ! And while you're at it - try helping others as well by using common sense to reason with the rank and file members ! Oh ; and if you extricate and dismember any pedophiles you can find while you are serving as elder - you will be doing many innocent children and their families a massive favor ! Good luck to you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • GermanXJW

    If you gave the exact day of your appoitment you might be tracked down within a short period.

  • outofthebox

    Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate ALL OF THEM. I'll keep you posted!



    These people are dead wrong! The Holy Spirit HAS appointed you to clean up the mess! You are like the Marshall that comes to town to take care of the outlaws!

    Seriously, the WTBS has been proven to be a liar, a cheat and will do anything to keep you from taking your family with you. Keep on smilin' and drop the little tid bits in whenever you can to make your family THINK!

    On another thread it points out how the WTBS is already re-writing their history for the sheep to swallow....and swallow they will. It takes someone else they trust to plant things in their brains. If you sat down with them and let it all hang out about what you think about the borg, they'd think you were nutz and you'd be labeled an apostate. So do it undercover...BUT BE CAREFUL and stay in it for the long haul. If you can get your wife to think clearly, maybe the others will follow. But you can't go too fast. Their brains can't handle a lot of truth at once. Be gentle. Good Luck. Keep us posted.


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