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  • BurnTheShips


    But what if the only reason people think they NEED "saving" is because
    the Bible TELLS them that they do?

    Then I think they are missing something. Something important.

    I cannot think of a worse dead end of false peril and false hope to continue traveling down.

    I can.

    Realizing that we have fallen natures (--that we are less than we should be or would like to be--) that we have have bad motives and inclinations, can help us to examine ourselves and grow into being better people. Many of us feel powerless against our darker natures and relying on a higher power belief, someone that we put faith in to help us conquer these things, often helps --as has been demonstrated in the lives of many.


  • lovelylil


    Thanks for wieghing in on this topic.


    If you don't take such a narrow literal interpretation of scripture, you will actually find more merit in reading the Bible. Even if you only view it as a piece of ancient literature, its a beautiful book. Like Loubelle says it contains lots of "allegories" but they do teach literal truths. Some view it as a book of wisdom from a creator, some a book of wisdom from men. It is a personal choice how much merit you give the Bible or any Holy Book. Really the Bible is a faith book, people in the faith cannot expect those outside to view it the same as we do/ and vice versa.

    My only point in answering this thread is to say, you simply cannot lump all Christians in the same bucket. And especially mainstream ones with JW's. The difference is like night/day. Peace, Lilly

  • cognac
    There is no group of people or set of scriptures anywhere in history that has not been used against people to judge them in an unloving way.

    This is a very valid point. It's very sad... I used to wonder if racism started when the Israelites were the only ones chosen by God...

    Those who claim to use the bible in this way must be ignoring a good three quarters of its advice and just cherry picking what makes them feel warm and fuzzy.

    Three quarters??? That's a lot. I must agree, some things don't make sense to me. Like when God killed those kids just for calling, (now of course I can't think of his name) but for calling that guy stupidhead... Thought it was a bit harsh, they were just kids...

  • Junction-Guy

    Dawg, I hope you are still reading this thread, sorry I didn't reply here sooner.

    My answer is I believe in the Bible, I believe it is the literal inspired, message from God.

    Why do I believe this? It is my gut feeling, the same gut feeling that told me all along that the JW religion was a lying farce. I needed proof and eventually the proof was provided via the internet.

    As for the Bible, it was written 1000's of years ago, and no one is still around to dispute. The JW's have been around since the late 1800's and many people have personally witnessed the lies by the WT Society.

    I wasn't around during the garden of Eden, but I was around in 1975, 1994, 2000, etc etc etc. I have all the time tested proof that the JW's are lying cult, I"m a personal survivor myself.

    Science is never absolutely correct, it changes as time goes on. Therefore I don't believe in Evolution, They can say all they want to but I believe that God personally created the earth.

    I have every right to criticize the JW religion, because they have been proven a false prophet within my lifetime. I can't go back in a time machine to see if the Bible was correct, I simply accept it on faith--and my gut feeling.

  • jaguarbass

    Lifes a journey, for many of us it started in the kingdumb hall.

    People are like parrots repeating what they here, walking around in a trance.

    Some wake up. Some go through life asleep.

    I remember after I escaped the tower in 83, I started taking some college classes. It was a shock to the system after 31 years as a witness that some one wanted me to think critically about anything.

    It's not just the witnesses, its many many people are walking around in a trance.

    Thats how you end up with presidents like the Bushwakers and have your countries army in soverign countries chasing boogie men, quadrupling the price of gas and the cost of living.

  • dawg

    Lovelylill... I've read what you've written, and please excuse me for not copying and pasting (I don't know how).. But its a hard sell to say a book that says to kill children, make people slaves and rape is from God or has God's wisdom. Depending on which dogma you follow, the Bible can be interpreted to say that God burns his children in everlasting fire.

    Look, I've known Christians like you, I don't dislike them, but believing that Jesus was God or his son requires you to drop logic and just believe it. There is a danger in that, and I don't need to drop logic to have good morals. Do I possess Godlike wisdom because I know right from wrong?

    The reason we don't attack Buddha or the like is because it's so rare a Buddhist comes on this site. It's you in the Christian community that we discuss things with and it's you Christians that come here and talk about the JWs... My point has nothing to do with hypocrisies, it has to do with the fact that the Bible has been dis proven on almost every level.. it's about how I can't for the life of me understand why you're so happy to be free from the JW's yet act as if believing in the Christ as a divine entity is any different...

  • dawg

    Aguest, you're all over the place... I don't know where to start with you... I really don't. Maybe it's because I'm not a great writer and you're having trouble understanding what I'm saying. First off, do you agree with Paul...that Adam sinned and this Jesus needed to die and redeem that sin? Do you not agree that Adam brought sin and death into the world by eating said fruit? Lets just start there.

  • lovelylil


    To YOU the bible has been disproven but to me it has not. Because I don't prescribe to the literal narrow interpretation of scripture that some Christians like the JW's do. Thankfully I had experience with Christians prior to the jw's so my short stint with them has not totally mared my view of Christianity in general.

    You look at the OT and see rape and murder, I see God's plan for the future to restore all things to himself and bring about a better world for all of mankind, both believers and non-believers. You have probably never heard the true gospel (good news) of Christ from a real christian and for that I am sorry. It is the failing of me and other Christians that this is the case in our world.

    I wish you much peace in your life, no matter what road you take. I really mean that too. I have total peace in my life and I want you to have it too. Someday I believe you will. Lilly

  • dawg

    Loubelle-I'm cool with that view...

    Junction guy-good to hear from you.. and I'm cool with you also.

    Jaguar Bass-that's the point I'm trying to make, that there's little difference from a JW and a Christian.. they just believe on faith and ignore the evidence...

    Which is the point of this thread, the Bible has been shown false on so many levels... you have to wear blinders to believe it.

    And as I've said time and time a gain on this thread, I'm not talking about a belief in God, I'm talking about the Bible and it's accuracy.

  • dawg

    Lovelylil, you are lovely....But I have known many, many Christians, many of them true and good people that knew the Bible... yet not one can use logic and get it to make sense; it's been shown to be inaccurate on so many levels, I was just pointing out how inaccurate the Adam story is as an example. I also brought up two of a kind on a boat and many other things.

    Let me simply ask you this.... do you believe that a person can believe in a higher force, a God if you must, and not believe in the Bible as God's word?

    Next, I want to ask you why you can't see that you, as nice and lovely as you are, can't understand how many of us feel there's no great difference between you that still cling to Christianity,are very similar in nature to the JW's?

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