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    Dearest Dawg (may you have peace)! I think I understand the point you're trying to make (hypocrisy); however, the way you're trying to make it may not be as clear as you think. For example, you state:

    you come on this site and attack the JWs, why can’t you see that you are the same as the JWs when you defend the Bible?

    I am not sure I agree with this. There are people, including former JWs, who defend the Bible, without attacking others. There are also people who are not JWs who use the Bible to attack others including JWs...

    After all, aren’t you defending the already dis proven faith that you believe?

    For the ones you appear to be addressing (those you appear to believe to be hypocrites), defending the Bible may not be the same thing as defending the JWs... or the "disproven" faith they used to believe. Coming to the conclusion that the WTBTS is not what it claims to be is no more different than coming to the conclusion that any other religion is not what it claims to be. This is not necessarily directly connected to the Bible.

    Just take the whole Eve and Adam story...

    Okay, I have to ask you: whose version of that "story"?

    and try to defend it… in this myth, we have a God who tells his children not to eat a fruit, and if they eat it they will die… then he kills all subsequent children because of what his elder kids did.

    And that's why it's indefensible: the version you refer to IS a myth. I find it interesting, however, that you are using the version taught by the WTBTS...

    Then the story relates that a question was raised by his heavenly children and this is the reason he wreaks all this misery in his undeserving children who did nothing at all. This question must be answered, so who does he send?
    Not a man who was made like Adam, but by a God from the heavens… maybe God himself according to many of you on this site.

    And, again, the PROBLEM is that the "story"... the "version" itself is an ERROR.

    If the question raised in the garden was whether humans could live perfect lives serving their creator,

    IF. But it was not. And that's why it cannot be defended. It is a LIE. BUT... that does not negate the fact that what occurred did occur.

    then a God from the heavens, given special healing powers, raising the dead, feeding thousands with a fish; a God man like this isn’t Adam or a human at all…

    Actually, he was "like" Adham, a half-breed: body of flesh from the earth/physical realm/Mary... but LIFE FORCE... SPIRIT... from God. Both Adham and Christ had this unique existence. But folks don't usually address that because... they don't usually know/understand that truth. And so they have these THEORIES... which they have to make up stories in order to support... which stories... are indefensible. Because they are myths.

    he’s a God and thusly doesn’t answer the question raised in the garden.

    And here's the "rub" with this particular teaching: the teaching as to the "question" that was raised is an error. The answer to the TRUE question that was raised WAS answered: by Abraham, by Moses, by Job, by the Prophets, by numerous disciples, and ultimately, by Christ.

    One does not have to believe in the Bible; indeed, one should really leave off from that and follow the words of the One they CLAIM to be following by following the Bible, who said:

    "You are searching the scriptures because you THINK that by means of THEM you will have everlasting life. And these are the very ones that bear witness about ME. And yet, you do not want to come... to ME... that you may HAVE life." John 5:39, 40

    While other "christian" religions may have some excuse for not getting the sense of these verses (because they are seriously misquoted and mistransliterated in most Bible versions so that it appears to encourage people TO search the scriptures), current and former members of the WTBTS have no excuse for misunderstanding, other than the fact that they are still blind.

    In or out, therefore, unless they have received "eyesalve" so as to have their eyes OPENED... to see the TRUTH of what the Bible is, what is includes, what is TRUE as to what it includes, what is NOT, what IS scripture, what is NOT, who and what Christ is, what occurred in Eden... and, finally, what the TRUE "UNIVERSAL" question IS... they are still blind. And spiritually, blind people are usually hypocrites... primarily because they don't KNOW they are blind... but believe they "see."

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • DoomVoyager
    gopher the Bible is a good guide on how to live your life. where else can you find so much love and compassion? Please tell me

    This statement ALMOST leads me to believe that you have never read anything other than the Bible, because the Bible is by far the most cruel, barbaric, and obscene book I have ever encountered.

  • inkling
    i dont need proof. I go on the faith

    so i see.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Very well said dawg. The bible is a book of fairy tales. There is an element of truth to the stories and characters, but they were given mythical status by superstitious men as a way of validating their belief system. Believing in these things was excusable before the age of scientific discovery, but not in the 21st century.

  • lovelylil


    The JW's have a distorted view of Christianity.

    I actually had experienced Christianity both prior to the WT and after. I have attended mostly ALL the Christian faiths including; Roman Catholic, JW, Protestant, Baptist, Pentecostal, and many more non-denominational churches.

    I have read the bible in at least 10 translations all the way thru so far 5 times in the last 25 years. I have read information against the bible and for it. This is my personal view and most of my campanion christians would lynch me for saying any of this;

    I do not believe the Bible is totally myth because it contains real historical information such as places, peoples and dates. However, there are stories in there that are not to be taken as literal but that were written to convey real truths. And you will find this both in the NT and the OT.

    Where I have a problem with religions like the JW's as well as many of the conservative evangelicals is that they have such a narrow interpretation of scripture. Their narrow interpretation goes against all the evidences we know of in science, biology, evolution etc. And they make the rest of us Christians who are not as narrow minded look foolish.

    Not all Christians are alike in thier interpretations. I fully understand that the Bible contains history, prophecy, allegories, proverbial sayings, poetry, some myth and legends, illustrations, and many other types of writings. It is indeed an ecclectic book. But mixed into all these types of writings is an ancient wisdom that for me cannot be denied and I personally attribute this wisdom to God.

    And I believe the majority of my fellow Christians really have NO IDEA what is inspired and what is not in the bible or how to interpret it properly. They either interpret it the way they were brought up to OR, the way their pastor, teacher, elder, etc. tells them to interpret it. Its a shame too because they never really learn the true value of this ancient book.

    Peace to you, Lilly

  • inkling
    So, I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter whether the scriptures are correct or not. It has no bearing of whether or not we will be saved if it is we can be saved.

    But what if the only reason people think they NEED "saving" is because
    the Bible TELLS them that they do? If the Bible is incorrect, I cannot
    think of a worse dead end of false peril and false hope to continue traveling down.


  • hillary_step


    WIth all do respect I did not come away with that view. Dawg clearly equates the JW faith with Christianity when he stated:

    That is exactly the point of my post!

    The bickering by JW's over interpretation is no different from the bickering of mainstream Christianity over interpretation, including the issues ou note in your first post. They are both enjoying the same game.

    This is the point that Dawg made and with which I am agreeing..


  • hillary_step

    lovley Lil,

    The JW's have a distorted view of Christianity.

    So does Christianity. It was born in doctrinal disagreement, it is still in doctrinal disagreement. Christians who criticize JW's do so over doctrine. JW's criticize mainstream Christians over doctrine.

    Who does have the 'right' understanding of the Bible Lil?


  • beksbks

    DoomVoyager, I had my copy and paste finger all ready to go, but you made my point.

  • dawg

    Aguest, please then pray tell why did Jesus die if it wasn't a 'ransom" sacrifice for the Ademic sin? Jesus himself said this was the purpose for hi death... just as one man sin entered into the world.. do I need quote the scriptures? Tell me then what was the purpose for Jesus' death?

    Then you continue to say we don't understand... then please explain if you have an answer.

    It's quotes like yours that let me know the whole story is BS... peace be with you!

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