Do Most Witnesses know about UN SCANDAL?

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  • Abandoned

    It seems to me that most witnesses still don't know about the UN Scandal. Since it has been such a useful tool in helping people see the truth about the lying duplicity of the watchtower, how can we get this message out to more in the organization?

  • DJK

    This was discussed at the ex-JW meetup I attended yesterday.

    The WTS sent letters to congregations and explained it in such a way that most members felt it was a good thing to be in the UN.

    There were still some who didn't except it. That's why they are in my meetup group.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Abandoned,

    We could make copies of the page straight from the UN website with the UN address clearly seen on the top an at the bottom of the page, and either send it out in mass mailings to every family we know in the area in which we live. Nothing but the note, no return address, so they won't immediatly identify it as "apostate", and throw it away. If I was JW and recieved something like this in the mail, I would definately look at it and as shocked as it would make me, I would most likely try to pull it up on my computer to see if it was for real.


    Lady Liberty

  • momzcrazy

    Good idea Lady. My husband, sister, mil, myself and others in my family never knew about it until I found it thru my research this fall. I sent it in it's pdf file to my mom, but she probably saw the email was from me and deleted it automatically.

    I would be very happy to follow your suggestion Lady.


  • Layla33

    I do not understand how anyone that have been in the religion for any length of time can swallow that big UN lie.

    I remember so much how the JW painted the UN, how it professes that it was the wild beast and all kind of heralding of the end.

    I remember being told that when the UN turned on the JW organization, Armageddon will begin. So there is no possible explanation that this organization can give regarding their JOINING the organization that wrote against for years on end.

  • momzcrazy

    I have actually heard that it for a library card to gain access to their files. Quite a big list of major requirements to get a library card.


  • changeling

    NO! They do not!

    This is THE issue I would love to see discussed on Dateline or a similar show. It would have to presented w/o any endorsement/validation or interviews with ex-witness in order for it to carry any weight with active witnesses. I firmly beleive that if this was widely known it could cause a huge upheaval in the borg.


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Answer: not many rank and file JWs are aware of the UN scandal.

    I agree with the posters here...this could be big....

    the regular JWs need to know.......

    the ides of march approaches

    The Oracle

  • oldflame
    I do not understand how anyone that have been in the religion for any length of time can swallow that big UN lie.

    This is because when it all came out in the open the witnesses were told that it was nothing more than a library card. I asked my mother and she asked her elders and this is whatthey told her. I heard that it is what they told everyone. When I said there was a letter from the UN stating that they lied to the witnesses she did not want to read the letter because she was told she would be reading material from the beast or something to that manner.

  • oompa

    I found out here, am a news junkie, and never heard anything. I asked changling the other day why they did it? It seems like they may have had a good motive....using/doing what they could to help opressed brothers in eastern European countries?....I am not sure what the beef would be if that is the case. Is the sin that is was kept secret? Or that they deny it? Help me out with this one....................thanks...................oompa

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