Do Most Witnesses know about UN SCANDAL?

by Abandoned 54 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • TheDoctor

    I just found this out recently...

  • jefferywhat

    Most dont know and if they did, wouldnt care.

    I have said before, most of my peers ( 20-30) have no interest in the org other than social, those that do, are social misfits.

    Most go through the motions, sin, confess, sin, confess, get married, have kids, sin , confess with a little meaningless preaching in between.

    Seriously, its a like walking into a room full of people and no one talking.

  • avengers
  • megawatt

    Well, I'm one of those who never knew about the UN scandal and it changed my perception of the WTS immediately. From there, it's down hill.

    And thanks to members like uninformed that went the extra mile to inform me about the double standards of WTS.

    Very much appreciate the package, uninformed!

  • changeling

    A&W, uninformed: Your reactions to finding out about th UN involvement match mine. IMHO, this is THE issue that proves the WT's hypocrisy and double standards.

    What ever reason they had for this involvement is a slap in the face to all the witnesses who stood firmly in the face of rape, torture and death. The blood of innocent loyal witness world over is on their heads.

    For this reason, I quit going in field service when I verified that the UN involvement was a fact. Over the next seven months I faded. and have not been to a meeting since April. I will not be party to their hypocrisy.


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