Who on this Board would love to get rid of Organized Religion?

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  • BurnTheShips
    Here here! Let's give religious freaks the same medicine they dished out to scientists over the centuries. Hangings, tied to a stake and burned with a Bible around their neck, cut off from society, shunned, persecuted... Let's see how they like it.

    Eeesh Shawn! So much for the "methodical, cool headed nature of actual atheism" that you claim to admire.



  • Zico


    I wasn't criticising you for wanting to tell others of your opinions (I'll use that word, since you say atheism has nothing to do with beliefs) I don't mind if you continue to try to get people to stop, what is in your opinion 'believing in a mythical god' as I only see it as you sharing your opinion, (and by sharing, I don't mean forcing) and differing opinions make life interesting, and yes, some religious people can be forceful, but then so can some atheists in forcing opinions on other people, though I don't think it is true of the majority of either group, at least not where we live in the UK, even the Jehovah's Witnesses will usually leave the door when asked to. I do think you sometimes make a lot of generalisations about religious people. I'd be surprised to find out that most of the Christians, or religious of any persuasion, that you meet on a personal level in your day to day life actually bother you or try to force their opinions on you.

  • serotonin_wraith

    Yeah, we do have it good in the UK. I'm thankful for that. I'd like it to stay that way. If we took a back seat and said nothing, there are plenty of things that would come to pass. Right now there are Christians here who want Jerry Springer the Opera banned, creationism taught in UK schools and the Catholic church was going on about shutting down their adoption agency if homosexuals were given equal rights- not sure what actually happened with that. That's just a few things off the top of my head. It's not every Christian no, but as I've said in the Dissing Islam thread, the moderates just get in the way. It's like the JWs - and one example - they're not ALL pedophiles, but their beliefs mean that those who ARE pedophiles manage to get away with it a lot of the time. Even though there are many nice JWs, that doesn't stop us saying that the religion is dangerous. They don't force people at the doors, but they DO force their children to go along with it. Who else is going to be their voice?

    But I'm against forcing, on both sides. If humans move away from religion, it shouldn't be forced. If nothing much changes, then at least I'll have had my say if things go bad. I'll know I tried.

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