Who on this Board would love to get rid of Organized Religion?

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    John Lennon in his song , " Imagine " said to imagine a world with ," no religion too ". My wife and I can imagine a world like that too, where everybody is equal and does not think they are better than anybody else. It seems to us that religion has caused many class distinctions in people feeling they are superior to others because of their certain particular religious affiliation. Many wars have started over religious differences with each paticipant feeling " God " or , " Allah " was on their side to win the battle. I feel Allah or God doesn't give a $hit. I respect others rights to have a religion, but my wife and I have been turned off by all the hypocrisy in religion

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    However, that kind of thought process (the one I attributed to you-my mistake) does typify much of the antitheist dialogue taking place on this forum, wouldn't you agree?

    I can't speak for anyone else but while I believe religious people can broadly speaking be divided into two categories (fundamentalists and normal people), it's probably more useful and accurate to think of a continuum going from extreme literalist fundamentalism to wishy-washy quasi-deism (a continuum which, it could be argued, continues all the way to militant atheism).

    It is a bit unfair, and I am happy you realize that!

    I wrote that it seems a bit unfair.

    Regarding what you think is hipocritical, many Christians (the majority actually, fundies are a minority in the Christian world), regard the Bible as a book about the Revelation of God, not the Revelation itself.

    Well, the part that commands that you "not suffer a witch to live", is that an accurate representation of the Revelation of God? Or is it something made up by Bronze Age nomads? Or is the whole book so corrupted that it's impossible to tell which parts come from God and which parts don't? I don't see any other options, but please enlighten me if you do.

    Truth be told, some of the greatest idolatry being perpetrated today is by those who have substituted finite religious text for an infinite God.

    Well, did that "infinite God" command the slaughter of the Midianites, the Moabites, the Amalakites etc. or not? If not, then why not reject the text completely. The god of the bible is certainly not the infinite god you seem to believe in, so what does the bible have to do with anything?

    The extreme elements within Islam and Christianity (and some religious Zionists in Israel) are currently unable to distinguish between God and God’s written word.

    They believe that the book that purports to be "God's written word" really is God's written word, and that the commands written therein really do come from God. The idea of believing in Judaism, Christianity or Islam without believing at least some of the texts on which they are based is absurd. And how can one distinguish between the parts that really come from God and the parts that do not, without applying some external morality?

    A book cannot contain God. In the minds of many, God’s fixed word has in some sense taken the place of God’s infinite being. Idolatry is when one confuses a partial truth for a whole truth, or when one makes a relative into an absolute.

    So where does the idea of this "God" come from, if not from the holy book? It seems unlikely that the god of the bible exists but is not a genocidal megalomaniac. It's a lot like saying Superman exists but can't fly or see through walls. That's not Superman

    Where does your knowledge of god come from? Personal revelation, or direct evidence. It can't be the bible because clearly, you reject the god described therein.

    The fact that I am not superstitious makes me more - not less - capable of understanding the problems caused by other people's superstitions. Why would I have to believe in invisible friends and enemies in order to have an opinion about those who do?


    I have a different perspective but that is why I have a different opinion. It seems ridiculous to argue that I need to share the very opinions that are being discussed in order to make valid observations about them. Does one need to be a totalitarian in order to have an opinion on Nazism? Or to be a bigot to have a view on racism?

    Fairness matters.

    Absolutely, and I try very hard to be fair. Accusations of bias against me are inaccurate. I do not seek to find flaws with religion because I am an unbeliever. I am an unbeliever because of the flaws I have found with religion.

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    (sarcastic).......... I just love when people vote for a president that their church leader promoted!

    what does religion have to do with running a country?

    people have diffrent religions, and diffrent morals!

  • eclipse
    It's one thing to say you dislike Organized Religion and want to discourage people from being involved with it. To seek to ban ("get rid of") Organized Religion would require the type of activity that Lenin and Stalin were made famous for. Are you proposing we set up gulags and work camps for all those who want to worship in churches or synagogues or mosques, etc?

    NO, NO ONE even mentioned anything of that sort.

    Getting rid of organized religion is something that the entire world will have to agree with.

    Not just atheists or agnostics.

    It's not about wanting ATHEISM as the only belief, (like with Stalin and Lenin)

    it's about making LARGE religions obsolete, taking away their power, and taking away their source of income and riches.

    People can still worship. People can have their spirituality.

    What we are discussion has nothing to do with what Lenin or Stalin invisioned.

  • Shawn10538

    Here here! Let's give religious freaks the same medicine they dished out to scientists over the centuries. Hangings, tied to a stake and burned with a Bible around their neck, cut off from society, shunned, persecuted... Let's see how they like it.

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    Jesus said you will recognize my followers because of the love they have among themselves. He didn't say you will recognize my followers by those captive of the watchtower concept. I'm all for getting rid of organized religion at least as we know it today, and especially as how it concerns Jehovah Witnesses.

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    drew sagan
    Here here! Let's give religious freaks the same medicine they dished out to scientists over the centuries. Hangings, tied to a stake and burned with a Bible around their neck, cut off from society, shunned, persecuted... Let's see how they like it.

    To ban religion is absurd. Who decides what to get rid of and what stays. What limits are there? Let people believe as they please. Religion isn't the only thing used by "fanatics" to justify bad behavior.
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    I think it is time once again to remind everyone:

    Wal * Mart Saves!

  • restrangled

    To ban religion is absurd. Who decides what to get rid of and what stays. What limits are there?

    Well, I can think of one right off the bat.....you know, where a teacher is about to go to jail and get 40 lashes for letting the class name the Teddy bear? I just learned a human cannot survive 40 lashes so if it happens it will be administered at 10 lashes at a time with the stinking KORAN under the abusers arm so that he can't lash too hard. After last nights ridiculous Repblican debate with questions culled from 5000 people I was pretty shocked! Most of the questions seemed to be asked from the biggest morons on Youtube. "Do you believe every word of the Bible" "What about this flag behind me"....as if it represents America Religious beliefs seemed to have the most attention which is my point to begin with......where is the seperation of church and state? It all needs to be taken out of politcs and back into the family. The entire debate was a farce in my opinion and I hope the Republicans get a more dignified debate in the future. r.

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