Bill O'Reilly- Restaurant was nice, ''even though it's run by blacks''

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  • nvrgnbk

    Thanks for posting that, JeffT.

    In 2007, aren't we past judging a culture based on music videos?

    Some are, some aren't.

    Rappers as a collective have done a tremendous amount of harm to the cause of mutual respect and understanding.

    Thanks again.

  • watson

    Important post JeffT.

  • mrsjones5
    That is what happened to another well-known Bill, Bill Cosby, after he spoke out about the self-destructive images and behavior in the black community.

    Cosby was only speaking the truth.

  • flipper

    Sadly, this shows racism is still prevalent in our society , and that people who are prejudiced are still dumb as rocks

    Mrs F here....this reminds me of when I was a kid - more than once I heard adults say (serious as a heart attack) : Yeah he's black/mexican/chinese but he's a really nice guy! Well it takes all kinds and always will it seems. yikes.

  • booker-t

    It does not surprise me at all when a Caucasian person makes an insulting remark against blacks or latinos. I remember years ago I was working at a company that was 99% white and only had 3 blacks working there. I thought that my co-workers were nice until their true colors came out. Everyday a bunch of the white guys would play chess at lunch time and I would watch. Well one day one of the guys asked me did I play chess and I told him that I did. I saw the smerk on his face when he asked me to play a game with him. He was very good at chess and I must admit I had a hard time beating him but I did. That was on a Friday and by Monday I was called everything but the kitchen sink by this guy to other co-workers. I saw him lose to some of the white guys and he never made a big deal about it but when I beat him he just could not get over it. Alot of white people really believe that black people are "dumb" and cannot think. I had this same problem in high school when I would get better grades in Geometry that some of my white school mates. One white girl went to the principal claiming that the Geometry teacher was showing me special treatment because he was black and I am black.

  • watson

    and that people who are prejudiced are still dumb as rocks. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Sadly, there are many very smart racists out there. If we classify people with prejudice as "dumb as rocks," change will continue to be slow.

  • snowbird

    because he was black and I am black.


    He's not black any more? I just couldn't resist. We need levity on this somber thread.


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