Hello everyone, first post.

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  • BFD

    Welcome Father Price.

    My oldest brother was DF'd and now he is Catholic. He even gets to hand out the cookies body of Christ to everyone. He could never be a priest as he is too horny, has six kids. I go to church every once in a while but I am not a true believer. My favorite part of mass is when you burn the incense, I love the smell. priest One thing I learned is NEVER wear a silk shirt to church. I couldn't believe it when the priest threw Holy Water at the congregants. At least it didn't burn me. I guess that's a good sign.



  • oompa

    Threadthief here! OMG LLOYD! You did not just equate thieves and pedophiles with gays did you?????

    Openly ordaining gays and lesbians is a strange bedfellow. What about pedophiles? Do you openly ordain them too? How about people that think it's ok to steal?

    from good seinfeld post to dead....oompa

  • Lloyd Braun
    Lloyd Braun

    I did not equate it, just related it. I want to know where this church draws the line, if there is one.


  • sweetstuff
    I cheat.

    Ya still want me to bring it?

    Cheating won't help you Honesty, yer azz is grazz.

  • OnTheWayOut

    WOW, what a change of course in your life.

    Wish you well with the support thing. Welcome here. We look forward to input from
    such a "spiritual" person. (not poking fun at your spirituality, just at the WTS pretend version.)

  • Lloyd Braun
    Lloyd Braun


    Not trying to be a thread thief either, just directing some questions for the man when he comes back to check this post. This is his first post, and I can welcome him and ask some questions too right? When someone knocks at your door you want to know all about them and their ideas right? Do you have children? If there are pedos being protected in the WT how do we know that his church is not doing the same?

    I am just being careful. Sorry if this is being seen in a negative light.


  • Lloyd Braun
    Lloyd Braun

    Mr Price,

    Just to be VERY VERY CLEAR, what, if at all is included/excluded in the following belief of your church that you are a member of?

    "We will never discriminate against anyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, or marital status."

    Because the desires of men who go after either sex prior to the time period when the laws of this country's states (most say 18 years of age) say it is legal, come into the picture, do you discriminate? (Hopefully you do).


  • oompa

    I am a Catholic too I think. Doesn't my avatar look like monk?

    lol...lots to confess too....oompa

  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board .. your post sparked an emotion in me, I have to say it did in me too.
    I find the Roman Catholic Church to have many descrepencies also as well as the JWS .
    Praying to Mary, telling folks that we must marry in the Catholic Church to be truly married ( as they did me )not allowing birth control & definatly obeying the POPE!!!!
    I am known on board for being direct & not always is a kind manner but RELIGION in ANY form to me is distasteful ,,,,,But I do have a personal relationship with the CREATOR >>>JESUS CHRIST!!!! & I will listen to NO man on the subject of what I MUST believe

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