Are you a good person? Take the Bible challenge.

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  • BFD

    jesusisgod, Where do you stand on the good-o-meter?

    You come here to ask a question but you do not answer it yourself.


  • Paralipomenon

    Usually those that spew this stuff fall back on the fact that they have Jesus who forgives them daily.

    They completely ignore that Jesus replaced the whole Mosaic covenant of which the 10 commandments were part of. If you ask them if they still sacrifice, or send their women outside the camp during their cycle or stone sinners, they will say that Jesus replaced that part.

    But not the 10 commandments, no, those let them know how horrible they are on a daily basis and reaffirm that they are disgusting putrid slobs. But better than the disgusting putrid slobs that haven't accepted Jesus as a personal savior, so it's all good.

    Before I measure up to that, I would like someone to point out where Jesus said that he replaced all the mosaic covenants except for those commandments?

    Hello? Silence? Ignoring this challenge?

    Thought so.

    Enjoy your sin.

  • mrsjones5

    You've been watching Kirk Cameron haven't you?

  • beginnersmind
    You've been watching Kirk Cameron haven't you?

    My thoughts exactly, 'Way of the Master' and "your a lieing, theiving adulterer at heart" and all that. His sidekick really irritates me but thats another story.

  • serotonin_wraith

    I'm a good person because I DON'T follow all the Biblical rules.

  • eclipse
    Where do you stand after you have taken the good test? If God judged you by this standard of holiness, be honest, you'd be guilty as the rest of us deserving judgment. I'd like to hear from you. Where do you stand?

    What's it to you?

    Who said that anyone was not ''guilty'' of breaking some of those ''commandments''?

    which are completely irrelevant to today's world and to christians... Those commandments were for the Isrealites..

    The rules you think you need to live by, as the fundamentalist that you are, are 2 rules from jesus.

    They surpass the law, and encompass it all in one.

    Does not god desire mercy rather than sacrifice?

    Seems like you would rather be the judger of everyone,

    rather than emmulate the forgving person that Jesus was- HE WHO ATE WITH SINNERS.

    Who cares where we stand? Who are you to even ask such an inane judgmental question?

    Look at ONLY yourself. If you think you can keep the commandments, then go for it, knock yourself out to be the best fundy that you can be.

    Leave the rest of us normal, lovable human beings out of it.

  • nvrgnbk

    Good and evil mean nothing.

    I simply wish to be.

  • jesusisgod

    You can read about the use of the law in Galatians 3:24.

    As far as where I stand if judged by the 10 Commandments, I am guilty of breaking every commandment. I deserve nothing less then the pit of hell. If God is truly good and just as He is then my great offenses against Him leave me in a guilty state awaiting His righteous judgment. For God to overlook my grave sin without justice would make God out to be unjust. However if a mere human judge can see a guilty criminal get justice for rape or murder then how much more the God of the universe who sees all and is grieved.

    About 8 years ago God opened my eyes to the truth. Around the age of 23 I read 3/4 of the Bible. I didn't understand it then but one thing I did understand is that I was guilty. I read when Jesus taught 'if you look at a women to lust after her you have commited adultery.' Though I was in rebellion toward God through wicked things I had done, God began to work in my life. Just a few years later God had changed my heart. Through hearing the gospel, that Messiah died for my sins as foretold by the law (example Gen 3:15) and the prophets (example Isaiah 53) I came to saving faith in Jesus (Y'Shua), but not only Messiah's death, but also His physical bodily resurrection (John 2:19). I am so thankful to God fo saving me because there was and is nothing within me to make me love God or change, let alone anything I could do to somehow pay for my own sins. My conscience bore witness to my guilt for 25 years and it was a burden to carry around all that time. When I received the gospel and God saved me that burden was lifted from me. My desire is now to live a life of submission toward my Lord Jesus and to do what is right. Where as before my life changing experience I could care less if I had offended God whomever he was.


  • nvrgnbk

    Please tell God we need Him to...

    oh, nevermind.

  • IP_SEC

    you and your little book of tales... so cute!!! so very cute.

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