Are you a good person? Take the Bible challenge.

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  • brinjen
    Abraham didn't follow any official religion as far as we know - he simply did what was right and was 'counted as righteous' and called a friend of God

    I like your way of thinking Emo

  • jesusisgod


    I believe no one is good including myself, except God. But since you don’t believe that, I am trying to follow your view or other peoples view here that all human beings are good. Now in that context if someone is born good by nature yet then does wrong (against their nature), then their once good mature is stained and is no longer absolutely good. Like a white sheet (good nature) hanging on a clothes line gets grape juice (wrong) spilled on it staining it forever. And I know you don't believe this but Adam and Eve were made "good" but because of one sin it all changed.

    And yes people can have good or bad motives. In my last post to you I don’t mean to box in anything I said. People who are sinful by nature can have good motives for doing things, just like they could have bad motives for doing other things. I wouldn’t hold to a wooden literal here because only God can judge the heart and motives of people.


  • jesusisgod


    I never said education wasn’t good. I meant finishing H.S, then heading off to college and getting your masters degree won’t make for a more moral person. There are plenty of College graduates who made a state prison their home. Rome in the first century was the leading people group, force, in the world. They had the best education systems then out of most others back then. Did education lead them to moral purity? Did the Colosium show it with men, women and children being thrown to the lions? Many who were Christians? Or the way Christians were secured to the top of a pole and tared to bake in the sun during the day with lips sown shut to not upset the spectators walking by. Then at night the tar was lite on fire to light up the road burning Christians alive. But there is also Nazi Germany who was a very well educated country, they were up there in technology. But did their technology or education cause them to become more morally good? How about the Enron company? Very educated people worked there, their morality showed in their actions. Doctors are very educated people. Why do some still chose to abort babies? Have you ever seen the pictures of aborted babies? They look just like little babies, little human beings.


  • nvrgnbk
    Have you ever seen the pictures of aborted babies? They look just like little babies, little human beings.


    What did the babies killed by the God of the Bible look like, Robin?

    Like little human beings?

  • restrangled

    I didn't read or take your test....but yes I am a good person, a good friend, a good mother and a good wife.

    Not perfect, but a good person.


  • jesusisgod


    Following the 10 Commandments doesn't make you or anyone a good person. The law of God isn't meant to be used to make someone good.

  • Who are you?
    Who are you?
    I believe no one is good including myself, except God.

    According to the Biblical tradition,God gives laws that people must obey. People have free will, so they can choose to obey or not to obey. According to the Divine Command theory of ethics, morally right means commanded by God, and morally wrong means forbidden by God. There are two interpretations of this theory, both of which lead to problems.

    1) Conduct is right simply because God commands it; therefore nothing is inherently good or bad.

    2) God commands right conduct because it is right; therefore there is a standard of good and evil independent of God's will.

    The dominant theme in Christian tradition has not been Divine Command, but Natural Law (Thomas Aquinas) who believed that through our natural reason, all humans can discern good and evil.

    It's not just the members of this board that believe good and bad can exist outside the realm of Biblical Tradition, it's theologians themselves, because they realize the problems and contradictions that the Divine Command theory presents.

  • Satanus

    I never said that all people are good. I pointed out some people that made big contributions to civilisation. My veiw is that humans are are very new on the scene. Barely out of the caves, so to speak. Old testement thinking is cave mannish.

    Is your god a selfless giver? Was jesus absolutely good?


  • jesusisgod


    Jesus was absolutely good. He was perfect. He was and is the Son of God, the perfect lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The Son of God chose to willingly become a man, so He added to Himself humanity, in order to suffer and die on a cross paying for our sins. He gave His own life as a randsom for many. The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sins. Did you know the Jewish sacrifices long ago that took place in the Jerusalem temple that were sin offerings such as a lamb was done over and over again. And these temporary offerings point to the real and true sacrifice which could take away the sins of the people. The former (many lambs sacrificed) was like a type and the later (Messiah) the anti-type. Like if I had a picture of next years Corvette, the pix would be the type and the real car that is available next year is the anti-type. The Jerusalem temple came to an end in 70AD just like Jesus foretold in Matthew 24. "Do you not see all these things? I tell you not one stone shall be left upon another." The gospels, Matthew, MArk, Luke and John all pre-date 70AD.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Am I being shunned by a fellow-Christian? LOL! I even gave Scriptural reasonings to my view.

    Ah - I'm probably not a 'proper' Christian anyways

    Maybe just like Jesus wasn't...

    The gospels, Matthew, MArk, Luke and John all pre-date 70AD.

    Not too sure about that statement - where's Leolaia and Narkissos?!

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