2007- Witness Meetings= Why can't women wear pants/trousers??

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  • Open mind
    Open mind


    Whatcha smokin' dude?

    Are you thread hopping or what?

    Open Mind

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yknot- No privleges for you! The C.O will not be coming to your house for dinner till you start wearing dresses....My mum is so dedicated she never wore trousers again...ever! "To show respect for the Brothers."

  • eclipse

    It's necessary to differentiate between the people who have penises and the people who do not have penises.

    That is all.

    Can't have all those beardless men being mistaken for women now, can we lol

  • jambon1

    I had a chat with a sister before I left who mentioned that she had a literal fight on her hands before EVERY meeting with her teenage daughter who didn't like to wear a skirt or dress. She seemed quite annoyed about it. I can't imagine that she looked forward to meeting days in her household! All so unnecessary.

  • lost_light06

    The last time I went to bethel with my wife (ex-now) and a group of 9 other people the "sisters" were told they HAD to wear pantyhose, no exceptions. My wife scoffed at that because she, being of Mexican origin, had dark legs and you couldn’t even tell she was wearing them. She did for the first 2 days then went without them. No one said a word, because they couldn’t tell. I thought that was the stupidest rule I had ever heard. God forbid a woman’s bare skin legs be shown in bethel. You might have bethelite "brothers" running to the bathroom to rub one out before their shift.

    ~LL06 of the "Loves women's legs" class

  • Metamorphosis

    Merely a rule that equates with the no beard rule - a non scriptural control element to try to make everyone look united and polished in their opinion. It's funny many of the dresses you see wore now days are much more revealing and unprofessional than a pair of woman's dress pants would be. But can't leave anything to someone's individual CHOICE now can we?


  • OnTheWayOut
    The last time I went to bethel ...the "sisters" were told they HAD to wear pantyhose, no exceptions.

    So this shows how silly it is. YOU MUST NOT cover the legs with pantlegs, no matter how
    clearly they are feminine pantlegs, but YOU MUST cover them with nylon.

    Personally, even while an active dub, I did not ask the wife to wear pantyhose and she virtually
    never did/does. I relied on her to know what to wear. She does have some skirts that are a tad
    short (above the knee) and I liked them. I knew of many sisters that wore pants in the winter,
    covering them with the skirt, boots, and coat- great idea in the cold north.

    I do know some sisters who always wear them, and some brothers who tend to insist upon it.
    I always found these extremes ridiculous.

  • TMS

    Many on the board will not recall this, but pantsuits were specifically mentioned as allowable dress for sisters in one of the talks at the '75 conventions in the United States. Post-convention many sisters went out and purchased very tasteful polyester suits for meetings. The very large congregation I attended at the time, Little Rock East, had a clear pantsuit majority. Here is a link to JWD topic from Jan. 02 discussing this subject: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/18802/1.ashx


  • deaconbluez

    You guys are silly...the Watchtower doesn't teach anything unless it is plainly found in the Bible. So there must be a verse that prohibits women from wearing pants. Sheesh.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Scriptures used = Pant-rinthians 15;6 "Abstain from blood, and pants if you be a sister...if not, she will be a slacker, and defiled person to you, she shall not inherit God's Kingdom."

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