2007- Witness Meetings= Why can't women wear pants/trousers??

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  • bluebell
    It's funny many of the dresses you see wore now days are much more revealing and unprofessional than a pair of woman's dress pants would be

    too true!

    also as pointed out - to most who look at magazine images of isrealites - theres not alot of difference between the mans overgarment or whatever they call it and the womans - what is different is the cut. womens trousers are cut different to mens, they are therefore womens clothing and a woman wearing them is wearing womens clothes - just dare a bloke to try em on for fit if he says they are mens!

  • greendawn

    It's a totally pointless rule as long as the pants/trousers are not tight and showing too much of the female figure.

    The truth is in some monasteries they want women to enter modestly dressed so as not to sexually provoke the monks for whom getting an erection even, is thought of as a failure.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    In Australia it is hot..damn hot! I remember one meeting....45 Degrees C inside the Hall. The rule was no jacket, no part on stage! The Elder taking the Watchtower was always a bit trendy and cool in my eyes says: "Look I'm Sorry Brothers, but I'm gonna have to take my jacket off!" He was sweating like a mule. I wonder if he was forgiven.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Its seems that no one picked up on the scripture which was as I recall for the reason why pants on a woman were not allowed.

    "No garb of an able-bodied man should be put upon a woman,neither should an able-bodied man wear the mantle of a woman; for anyone doing these things is something destestable to Jehovah your God." Deut 22:5 NWT

    "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this." Deut 22:5 NIV

    Gordy, which part of the scripture talks about the rule being applied only to meetings, assemblies etc.?

  • OnTheWayOut
    "Look I'm Sorry Brothers, but I'm gonna have to take my jacket off!"

    Yes, the absurdity of it all. I was at a Hall in the deep south where the AC was totally broken and
    it was totally hot. For the most part, the area was very understanding of jacketless brothers and
    sisters w/o pantyhose on. BUT- this was the C.O. visit. Nobody in the seats had their jackets on,
    but the C.O. did, and the chairman did along with attendents and a few elders in the back.

    After nearly dying during the song/prayer, they introduced the C.O. He said something like the
    above words, "Look I'm Sorry Brothers, but I'm gonna have to take my jacket off!" Every last
    jacket came off seconds behind his.

    I regularly took off my jacket, wore short sleeve shirts with a tie, conducted the bookstudy like that,
    even meetings for field service without the jacket. When I stepped aside as an elder, I didn't even
    carry the jacket anymore.

    On a vacation once, my wife had a wardrobe problem where she could not wear the dress to the
    Kingdom Hall. (Yes, we did go to the hall on most vacations.) All she had was pants, and I was
    an out-of-town elder. I told her to simply wear the pants- no big deal. Word did get back to the
    cong. elders. It was so stupid, me explaining her wardrobe malfunction. I told them I would have
    her skip the meeting next time, and it was dropped because of that remark.

  • marmot

    Wear a Dashiki. In my last cong there were a number of brothers from Nigeria and other parts of Africa that wore them because they're considered dress wear in their home congregations and nothing beats them in hot weather.

    It's basically a loose-fitting airy open-necked robe worn over light trousers and optional headgear. A (non-african, white as a cottonball) friend of mine bought one and successfully wore it to meetings but I don't think he was allowed onstage with it.

    Of course, I've been fed up with the "society's" unwritten talmud of pharisaical rules for a while now so I could care less if they mandated lederhosen onstage.

    Show me in the bible that men must wear ties when preaching the word or that shorts are un-christian attire when going out for supper after an assembly.

    Freakin' load of crap.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I unexpectedly went to Bethel during my last vacation. I wore running shoes with my nice trousers and meeting shirt but no tie = WHAT A REBEL YEAH BABY!!! While on tour one Sister turned to my wife chated...i thought "how nice." Later my wife told me she said how her husband wanted to wear more casual clothes but she stopped him etc. Bitch! If any Aussies go to Bethel check out the new "printery museum" exabition. You'll notice a couple of old health books on the shelf...I picked one up and had a read, it had weird medical advice about how "potatoes skins are full of piosons" etc. Very weird book from 1890's.

  • Gill

    This reminds me of the 'get together' we once attended for Loughborough congregation.

    The elder in charge, an egotistical maniacal mysogynist, a Brother Nagy I remember, made all the young girls and women go home and change out of their jeans and trousers as they were wearing garb unbecoming a Christian! Still makes me laugh to this day.

    His wife and daughters were NOT allowed to shave their legs and arm pits and with their being dark haired girls......you could tell.

    They really suffered under the rule of that Moron!

    There was a similar brother in a Leicester congregation...a brother Grace, I seem to remember.

    He would not allow his wife and daughters to wear trousers and they were not permitted to shave their legs, as shaving was ONLY for men, and if God had not intended them to have body hair then they wouldn't have had it!! He also refused to shave his beard for a while till told by the CO that he would no longer be an elder and give any talks if he continued with that beard thing!!

    I believe his women folk have wisely rebelled against this egomaniac bully!!

    Good for you ladies!!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    One Sister at my high school had her school dress uniform extended by her parents to a silly looking length...she was tormented by others for years, I felt sorry for her, she looked silly in that thing.

  • Gordy
    Gordy, which part of the scripture talks about the rule being applied only to meetings, assemblies etc.?

    It wasn't applied just to meetings etc. It was applied all the time. Female JW's were not supposed to wear pants, jeans etc at anytime.

    I recall one sister who told us, when at home would wear pants to do the house work in. But if another JW called she would change into a skirt, or if she had to go out shopping.

    A pioneer sister in winter would wear pants to keep warm, under a long skirt.

    A couple of sisters tried wearing Culottes ( a form of baggy pants that looked like skirt if you didn't look closely) to meetings. But they got "counselled" on them.

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