2007- Witness Meetings= Why can't women wear pants/trousers??

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  • ziddina

    As a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), a Medieval re-enactment club that's been around since the '60's, I am amused by the garb that the Witlesses were dressed in for the 'biblical' Dramas at the District Assemblies...

    Most people don't realize that the typical "Middle Eastern" garb presented as valid in, say, Abraham's day, actually is the tribal garb of the Arabian Bedouin peoples from around 700 A.D. - the time of the Islamic jihads...

    In actuality, the Isra-EL-ites probably wore clothes like these, pictured in an Egyptian tomb painting of a Semitic tribe:

    The men (in the upper row, with yellow skins) are wearing one-piece, off-the-shoulder 'tunics', and the womens' garb isn't much different... As an interesting side-note - look at the footgear of the Semitic tribe, as opposed to the bare feet of the Egyptians - herdsmen who are chasing after their animals needed much sturdier footgear as opposed to the riverbank-dwelling Egyptians... Of course, when the Egyptians went to war, they switched to footgear similar to the herdsmen; rougher usage required sturdier sandals.

    And the women and children are wearing BOOTS... Or boot-like shoes...

    The difference in the patterning of the Semitic tribe's fabric is interesting, too... The men are wearing a sort of plaid, whereas the women are wearing some sort of striped fabric...

    Anyway, the WTBTS needs to update its information and costuming for future 'biblical' dramas...


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    Mad Sweeney

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