What Did You Actually Do At Meetings?

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  • erandir

    I took notes at almost all public talks and every talk at assemblies. I even sat towards the front so I wouldn't get distracted. Towards the end I went to the restroom a lot, out of boredom, there was always someone there that I could chat with for 20-30 minutes.

    A&W, I did pretty much the same thing till close to the end with the exception of the restroom breaks. I was a good little exemplary dub and seriously endeavored to follow the train of thought of the speaker.

    But more and more towards the end of attending the meetings, I started making a habit of modifying the study article pictures and nudging my wife with the results and making her giggle. Or sometimes the speaker would make a mistake or say something that sounded kind of lewd if taken out of context, I'd write that down in my notebook and show it to my wife. More giggles.

    Odd thing is that early on in our dub-ness, she had an established history of doodling, altering pictures, daydreaming, making a grocery list, balancing her check book, etc., while I was taking notes and nudging her to pay attention. Now I don't attend, have faded, and yet she is still attending and doesn't plan to fade but to just tolerate things and "wait on Jehovah." Ironic, or does that say something about our personalities?

  • lfcviking

    I used to sit there and scan the room for young single sisters, oooo and married ones aswell!!!

  • minimus

    At the end, I couldn't stand listening to the same boring repetition. I was so bored I'd leave early, making up an excuse that was work related. The dumbing down of everything made me go mad!

  • greendawn

    In a very boring set up the best way or rather the only way is to drift off into fantasy land until the time passes and you can do something more stimulating and interesting.

  • jaguarbass

    I started out listening. Then I realized I was hearing the same things over and over again. I said I'm not going to keep spending all this energy to sit here and hear the same things over and over again.

  • brinjen

    Daydreamed, balanced my budget, anything to keep me from


  • minimus

    Were any of you drunk or drugged during the meetings????

  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams

    I paid close attention.

    Took a lot of notes.

    Answered, a lot, however, almost always last...there is a story behind that....

    I greeted all.

    Was one of the last to leave (yes, my poor wife......)

    And, it got me a bowl of pus, covered in vomit, and sprinkled with fecal matter.

    "Now wasn't that a tasty dish to set before the King?"

    No longer famished,


  • greendawn

    I never used drugs and as for alcohol never shortly before meetings. I suppose that could quickly get someone in trouble with the elders since the signs would be obvious.

  • minimus

    An Italian elder used to customarily drink vino before the meetings with dinner. More than a few times, he was on the platform "feeling no pain".

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