What Did You Actually Do At Meetings?

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  • sweetface2233
    So, were you a nail spitter, flicker or dropper?

    I guess you'll find out on the cruise, bigwilly!

  • OnTheWayOut

    At meetings, I did the same thing I do during sex.

    I would silently recite the Declaration of Independence or multiplication tables.
    Anything to distract me from the task at hand- but for the opposite reason.

    For one, it was so that it would last longer, for the other it was to just get
    through it. Guess which was which?

  • Kudra

    You recited the declaration to make the meetings last longer...?

    Too weird...

  • Kudra


  • Tristram
    I gave the people w/ the "priviledge" of cleaning the hall something to do. My fingernails were laying all over the floor around my seat.

    That's just gross. I was cleaning the hall a while ago and found fingernail clippings under the seat and got queasy. Kind of like finding hair on the toilet. As for me, I daydream, make "to do" lists, sometimes go to my car to catch up on sports scores, look in vain for interesting Watchtower articles, pretend to do research in the library, volunteer for any assignment that will enable me to get up and move around...

  • Open mind
    Open mind


    I think that was the most hilarioius thing I've ever heard from you!

    You Rock, OTWO!

    Open Mind

  • bigwilly

    After about age 15 I'd read Song of Solomon, looked like you were paying attention and fed the horn beast

  • bigwilly
    So, were you a nail spitter, flicker or dropper?
    I guess you'll find out on the cruise, bigwilly!

    *represses dirty thoughts*

  • ness

    onthewayout, that was pure comedic genius.

  • delilah

    I took notes as a teenager......only because I found it hard to concentrate otherwise.

    When I became a parent, I spent most of the time in the mother's room. and I'd turn the volume waaaay down low, so as not to disturb my sleeping babies.

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