What Did You Actually Do At Meetings?

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  • free2think

    I was a daydreamer. I used to write funny little notes to myself and do doodles if i did take 'note paper' with me. I sincerely tried to listen but even when i thought i was listening i was actually daydreaming about listening, lol.

  • Nosferatu

    I did nothing but daydream....

    There we were, me and her settling down after being out in the freezing cold. We take our jackets off and sit down together, smiling *..read Matthew 24:14* - flip flip flip, ah there it is. Now where was I? Oh yes! Cuddling with that cute worldly girl by the fire, about to have our first kiss. We lean in closer and clo.... *turn to Amos 2:3* - flip flip flip flap crumple flip flip flap crumple flip, ah hell, close enough. Now, onto the first kiss....

  • minimus

    I gave a public talk one time on a hot Sunday afternoon. The AC wasn't working and no one wanted to be there. So I improvised my intro about wanting to enjoy a beautiful beach day, soak in the sun, go for a ride....do anything but be sitting in the Hall. Suddenly I got everyone's smile because as the sweat started to pour off of me and the attendant got me some warm water, it was obvious that no one, including the speaker wanted to be there. I think I got the audience's rapt attention because it was so hot in there that they wanted to see if I was going to finish the talk.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Some of my best naps were during meetings. I always felt refreshed after the meeting!


  • bigwilly

    I was always trying for the naps, but my mom had this pencil-eraser-in-the-ear maneuver that thwarted most attempts at sleep

  • sweetface2233

    I would also write love notes to the members of New Kids on the Block.

    "Dear Jordan, I love you!"

  • Paralipomenon

    I would defame the pictures in the study publications. I think I actually hung onto my Revelation book, that was a work of art!

    My sister and I weren't allowed to sit next to each other. In fact, when I was 20 my mother stood up in the middle of the meeting and made me switch seats with her because my sister and I were carrying on.

    God we used to get some great beatings when we got home from the meeting. Well I would, my dad was a softy and couldn't spank her. So he would hit a pillow with his belt and tell her to scream.

    She did while laughing.

    "Hehehe OW, hahaha OW!"

    Meanwhile I would be bellowing from my room: "YOU'RE NOT REALLY SPANKING HER! BEAT HER LIKE YOU BEAT ME!"

    I know it sounds horrible, but looking back now from the perspective of a parent, that's damn funny.

  • mrsjones5

    I sat on the back bench and tried not to go to sleep

  • Hortensia

    for a long time I took detailed notes, couldn't pay attention otherwise. Eventually developed the ability to take notes without actually consciously listening so I could think about other stuff too. Spent a lot of time in the bathroom whispering with others, volunteered at all assemblies and conventions in first aid so I wouldn't be bored and no one would keep tabs on me. My family always assumed I was in the first aid tent. There were lots of times when I just looked at my split ends - had long hair.

  • minimus

    Para, it doesn't surprise me that you got ass spanked a lot.

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