What Did You Actually Do At Meetings?

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  • Younglove1999

    my husband and I always shared inside jokes-

    once American Idol became popular, we started "judging" the people on the stage giving their parts-

    when my mother in law was in our hall we had to interpret for her since she was deaf- many times I'd go up to my husband during the meeting and whisper things in his ear- and he'd do the same when I was signing- anythign from "personal stuff" to "gossip"

    towards the "end" (before we left) he did sound and I couldn't sit with him, so I always saved the row right in front of the sound and put all my bags there (I hated people sitting in my row), and we'd always give each other looks depending on what was discussed- We had so much fun-

    we were always on the same page- my husband is awesome

  • LoverOfTruth

    Often I would choose a book of the Bible and start reading. It was much more interesting than listing to the rhetoric from the Podium. Other times, I would daydream, balance my checkbook, take my kids to the back room and talk with other moms.

  • aquagirl

    fill in all of the o's in the litterature.then the e's...always embellished the hairdos in the illustrations,found them boring..sometimes id try to get babies and really small children in trouble by making them laugh.then their ohsoholy parents would take em out back and beat 'em...guess im kinda sorry for that last one,but..i was bored!!!oh,on sunday mornings,id sit in a sunny spot in the hall,and try to 'acidently' flash the speakers eyes w/a charm on my bracelet..that was way cool,and i would always do it on a dare..what a maroon...sheesh...

  • seawolf

    I'd sit there and think non-stop about sex.

  • wednesday

    analyzed the marriages of couples . it was a fun game --this was at the bitter end however.

    as a young person I only went to the assemblies and conventions to find guys. it was cool b/c so many of us were cruising the halls. I used to sit and talk to my best friend during the meetings, and pass notes and laugh at others.

    i too have read some erotic parts of the bible to stay awake.

    I too used to go tho the restroom a lot and stay there. You could always have a headache, or have chemical sensitives b/c of the glue in the carpet.(no offense to those who really do have this, i know it's real). Once or twice i got up and went to walmart between the talk and wt study.I find another sister there too. lol too funny. we were all so bored and stressed.

    oh yes, borrow a baby and walk it around the back. try and help others who where in the back, you are actually helping others there.

  • wednesday

    OK, i will not a a thread killer.

    someone post, damn it.

  • primitivegenius
    Were any of you drunk or drugged during the meetings????

    sure as hell woulda helped

  • primitivegenius
    Oh and the best one; Sisters; is your house tidy?, is you garden mowed? because you know brothers and sisters all of this reflects upon jehovah!!!

    hehehhehe is her "garden MoWED" hehehehehheehehhehe

  • free2beme

    Depends on what meeting, what year and how close I was to walking away.

  • primitivegenius

    i had to find a "PRIVLEDGE" other wise i would sleep 110% of the time.... tried to take notes but ended up drawing guns and knives............. and swords......... and axes........ and naked ladys...............

    also picked out one sister from each row...... that id wanna do.... in conjunction with the one from that row and the one from the other row............................. she even has most of her teeth. ....

    every person in the publications had a beard and a pirate hat on.................

    all the spaces in the letters were filled in lol. then it was time for bathroom breaks

    best thing i did at meetings........ was not go

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