Going under the knife tomorrow morning :S

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Wishing you the best Elsewhere. I've been putting off the same operation for nearly eight years. I use homemade saline solution as a spray/rinse every blasted but I think I'm killing whats left of my brain cells through prolonged lack of oxygen.

    Anyway, I hope you have some really hot nurses assisting you throughout your day to make it all more enjoyable.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    20 years ago, I had surgery for a deviated septum. I didn't even know I had one, I just went to the Dr,, because I wanted a "nose job". I had been saving for 2 years to get one. Dr. told me to spend my money for college, my health insurance would pay. God Bless my deviate septum.

    My boss has made it mandatory, that I go for a sleep study, by the first of the year. I snore horribly. All of the staff, went to a meeting out of town, last week. 3 to a hotel room. By 2:00am, I had the room to myself. The rats abandoned ship for quieter beds. She said I have sleep apnea, and need a CPAP.

    Are they comfortable?

    Do you have somebody to stay with you the first night? I don't remember anything, until 4:00am the next morning.

  • BrentR

    Hope it goes well for you and you recover as pain free as possible. I just had a steroidal spinal block today and hurt like hell and my right leg and butcheek was numb and paralyzed for several hours. The pain from the procedure was so bad I had the shakes and cold sweats. But by this time tomarrow the back pain will be completely gone.

    I look at it as a pain investment. Pay $100 today to get back hundreds of thousands over the next months and years.

    Take your pain meds! There are no points awarded for the amount of pain you can endure. I know because I tried a few times. My shelves that I set aside for pain endurance trophies are still empty, not even a certificate of accomplishment.

  • Sunspot

    Wishing you good luck and a fast recovery from your surgery, Else----



  • Open mind
    Open mind


    Did you get this part?

    "One will drop me off and later in the day the other will pick me up. They don't express it much, but I can tell they are aghast at how my family shuns me because I chose not to be a JW."

    What does your heart, your gut, your conscience say to you when your read something like this?

    *stepping down off soap-box*

    Hey there Elsewhere,

    I wish you a successful "planned injury" and a speedy recovery. (Even though I could be DFed for saying that)

    Take care,

    Open Mind

  • Rabbit

    David, Good Luck on the surgery. I've had that same surgery a couple of years ago, too. The recovery is not fun, but, in my case it was worth it. I also had a nasal 'obstruction' of some kind way up high near where the 'sense of smell' organ is located. After the surgery ------ whew ---- that nostril changed from a hiking trail ...to a turnpike ! It actually took some time to get used to the 'cold' feel of the air flowing so well.

    I also had a CPAP machine for a while after a sleep study. I was stopping breathing 40 times an hour ! But, it was an obstruction in my throat.

    To Horrible Life...."No." The CPAP machines are not comfortable in any way, shape or form. They are Evil. You feel & sound like Darth Vader -- with a cold. But, you'll sleep throughout the night and feel rested in the morning , if you need one.

    Good luck again, Else !


    P.S. Ask your Doc about a "Neti Pot" (no...it's not a potent ganja) for cleansing your sinuses post-op. I've started using one a few weeks ago, daily for my allergies. It works better than anything I've ever used.

  • TwentyYearsOut

    Hey, less details about the operation

    You should tape it and post YouTube

    But seriously, good luck and hope you have a quick recovery. Keep us posted.

  • Es

    all the best elsewhere.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery.... For you Else >>>>

    Let us "nose" how it goes....


  • JK666


    Good luck with the surgery, and hoping for your speedy recovery! Enjoy the pretty pills.


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