Going under the knife tomorrow morning :S

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    (((ElseWhere)))..Good luck Bud!...OUTLAW

  • Gill

    Thinking of you, Elsewhere!!

  • dobbie

    All the best Elsewhere thinking of you (and your nose!)x

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Had the same op about 2 years ago. It was the best thing I could have done. Unless you cannot beathe you have no idea what a pain it is to struggle for air. I had to learn how to breathe through my nose after the op cause I was so used to breathing through my mouth. Recovery was not so bad if I had to I would do it again. All the best with your op. Enjoy the break from work and take it easy.

  • greendawn

    Wishing you a speedy recovery after the surgery, fortunately it doesn't seem to be a really major type of surgery.

    I am not surprised that your friends find the family shunning of the JWs to be something grotesque and it serves the dubs right, to get such a bad name.

  • snowbird

    I hope the surgery goes well - the same for your recovery.


  • WT=watchtrouble

    All the best mate

  • jgnat

    I bet you will come out of it with a couple of black eyes (temporary of course). I'm glad your colleagues are watching out for you. You deserve some TLC.

  • Blueblades

    Else, I had it done @25 years ago. I used to box and got hit in the face a lot, I stopped boxing It will help you to breathe much better. All the best to your recovery, you will be find.


  • Elsewhere

    Horrible Life

    She said I have sleep apnea, and need a CPAP. Are they comfortable?

    I STRONGLY recommend that you get a sleep study done! I had no idea how bad I was until I did mine. It turns out I was stopping my breathing 100 time per hour. The Dr said I would literally stop breathing and just lay there until my body automatically forced me awake with a "mini heart attack". Odds are the same thing is happening to you. The term "mini heart attack" is not really the same as a real heart attack... what is happening is the heart will do something very strenuous that will force the body to rouse in order to get you to breath. Over the years this action can damage the heart.

    At first I was *miserable* with my CPAP... but the body and brain are amazing things. Not only did I adapt, within a few short months I literally developed a "comfort" dependency on the thing. It now literally helps me go to sleep a hell of a lot faster than I used to.

    The old CPAP machines were horrible and your natural breathing instincts would fight the machine but the newest models have features like C-Flex (it stops pushing the air while you exhale) and a Ramp feature that will start the air pressure very low and gradually increase it over about 30 minutes so that you can get used to it after you put it on.

    I am a side-sleeper so I prefer the Breeze Sleepgear CPAP mask:

    I also use the REMstar Plus CPAP with Heated Humidifier.

    These machines are whisper quiet. I literally have to listen very carefully if I want to hear it.

    Get a sleep study done!

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