Going under the knife tomorrow morning :S

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  • Sassy

    I never saw this before either.. I hope it starts to ease.. or you can get stronger meds...

  • JK666


    I was thinking of "Candy Man" by the Grateful Dead. A little different meaning.


  • golf2

    Here's wishing you a succesfull surgery and a quick recovery. My sister-in-law had something similiar done to her a few years back and it turned out well for her. Hey, it's gotta be done.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    How are you doing? Hope you are feeling better. TGIF I hope you took the week off.

  • onacruse

    Oh, Mr. Elsewhere! I wish I could tell you that it will only get better...but it will get worse for a bit, eh? When I had my deviated septum removed, about 10 days later the doctor had to remove some "residuous tissue" from my sinuses...he almost laughed as I (a 250# fellow) fell back in the chair like somebody had just hit me with a Taser.

    And then there are the tonsils and adenoids.

    As a result of all this, I'm still on a CPAP (thanks to 1975, and not having the "other stuff" removed because Jehovah was going to rescue us all).

    I have your number, and you have ours...give us a call when your feeling up to it??


  • cyd0099

    Good luck!

  • bluebell

    hope the pain is getting less - did you needt o get tougher meds or did the ones you had start kicking in? feel better soon...

  • free2think

    I hope your recovering well Elsewhere.


  • Elsewhere

    Day Five - Things are gradually getting better.

    The first three days were very bloody. I don't see how a JW could, in good conscience, undergo this procedure. The post-nasal-drip is a waterfall of blood for several days.

    On the second day the pain was far more manageable and the pain meds were sufficient. I had to start taking notes of when I took what drug because I just couldn't remember.

    My neck also started to get extremely sore due to my sleeping in my living room recliner. The nurse said that was the best way to sleep in order to keep the swelling down and ensure the best results. The problem is that my neck is just not used to sleeping like that. Chris and Nina dropped by and while here they suggested I use one of those horse-shoe shaped travel pillows. Damn... I had one sitting in the closet the whole time and it never even occurred to me to try it. (Thanks drugs! ) My neck started feeling much better after I started using the travel pillow.

    The amazing thing about this whole experience is that I can already breath better than before the surgery... and I've still got all sorts of packing, stitches, tubes and other medical equipment stuffed in my nose. I can only imagine how clear my nose will be once the Dr removes everything!

    Regarding my sleeping arrangements... The last two nights I got tired of sleeping on the recliner and cheated a bit and started sleeping in my bed. This turned out to be a bad idea. Even though I slept much better I woke up with my sinuses all swollen and closed shut. This resolved shortly after I got out of bed. I'll just have to stick with the recliner for a few more days.

    Another big problem: I'm getting SERIOUSLY bored. You have NO idea how sick I am of TV. I'll try to get out a bit today but I have to be careful. It doesn't take much to start my nose bleeding and I would hate to be walking through a shop only to leave behind a bio-hazard mess. This doesn't even take into account the question of my ability to drive.

    That drug the Dr has me on is amazing. Granted, it couldn't touch the first day's pain, but it most certainly helps now. Something else I find fascinating about it is how it can push me "down" with so much force! I can literally feel myself fighting it in order to stay awake so I can get up to take care of minor things I need to do around the house.

    Ok, that's all for now... I'm thinking about going outside for a walk. I just need to get outside for a bit. The cabin fever is driving me nuts!

  • poppers

    Geez, this is the first I've heard of this. I'm glad things have gone well and that you seem to be making a good recovery.

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