What Are your Favorite Hobbies? Things you do for Fun ?

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  • DiscoSandy

    Going for walks - early in the morning and late in the evening

    Movies - preferably the non-Hollywood type!

    Cooking and baking - trying out new recipes and improvising

    Gardening/landscaping - love getting my hands dirty. In the next few weeks I'll be planting about 50 new shrubs/trees/perennial flowers/grasses.

    Knitting/sewing - I like starting new projects and sometimes I actually finish them.

    Traveling - last year we went to Toronto and New York. I'm working on our next adventure.

    Having a glass of wine or Baileys with hubby and just chillin out in his arms :)

    Going to all of my kids' sports events - volleyball, basketball, track, and soccer.

  • tula

    am learning "baby sign language" to help my elderly friend who is almost totally deaf ....and may loose the last of his very slight hearing due to having to take strong antibiotics. Baby sign language is basic words without having to learn the whole sentence structure and perfection of the actual sign. It addresses immediate needs.

    Just FYI...vancomycin and ethromycin (antibiotics) can cause deafness! I am sure there are other drugs, too. These side effects are not always listed in the polished drugstore print outs.

    Also I like to bake and garden and paint.


    I am getting ready to learn to blow glass, I've always wanted to so I'm really excited.

  • bigdreaux
    My shop is full of modern machining equipment but I still like shaping orange hot metal with a hammer just like it was done thousands of yrs ago.

    me too. there is no better feeling than working steel with a hammer. damn yellow boxes.

  • jaguarbass

    I spend a lot of time with music. I play in a band on the weekend. I also write and record music.

    I ride my motor cycle when its not too hot.

    I like to water ski and snow ski.

    I go to the gym everyday. And while I'm working out I listen to music on my I pod.

    I like to rent a current video and watch it on the weekend with my wife.

    I dont watch tv at all. But I do spend a lot of time on the innernet. So one replaced the other.

  • BrentR

    I am getting ready to learn to blow glass, I've always wanted to so I'm really excited.

    That is on my list also. I allready have the propane forge and my daughter is also interested. Anytime I am traveling and come across a glass shop with glass blowing demos. I am watching and asking questions.

    I have melted some colored glass together in the forge and it was pretty cool looking.

  • Bobbi

    I love to garden. I also crochet and needlepoint. I like to read, sometimes to learn but mostly to relax. Para and I are also into online games.

    This is all when we have time between three kids, career and the massive pile of laundry.


  • Undecided

    I build and fly model R/C airplanes too bigdreaux. I used to sail model R/C sail boats in regatas around the south but haven't done that lately. My brother has several battery powered models and they fly great. Have fun.

    Ken P.

  • RisingEagle

    I design handcuffs in my spare time, but as you can see from my avatar I'm not very good at it. j/k

    I'd love to have some hobbies but 'this old house' keeps stealing all my time. It seems that just as I finish (and pay for) one project something else breaks, pops, fails or explodes.

    Mrs. Eagle is the consummate project/hobby person. I'd love to have her ability to stop one project and pick up another and not be bothered that the first wasn't completed.


  • Dawn

    • I love to garden and cook.
    • I am a dancer (jazz and hip-hop)
    • Snow skiing
    • White water rafting, camping, hunting
    • I recently started scuba diving and love it!

    Next on my list is to learn to play the guitar - I'm saving up for one now. And I took kayaking lessons and am hoping to get more involved in that sport too.

    These are the hobbies I love to do when I have time - most of my time is taken up with family and my kids sports/activities, etc.

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