What Are your Favorite Hobbies? Things you do for Fun ?

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  • flipper

    Hello folks. Just a little continuation thread of another one I did. Would be interesting to see what fun things people like to do, so we can get to know one another better. There have been a lot of newbies on here lately, and although I know others have had threads like this, it might be good for those who haven't responded before. But of course we'd like to hear from all, long timers as well. So, go for it, what hobbies or interests do you enjoy spending your free time on ?

    Mrs. Flipper and I enjoy hiking in the mountains, fishing, listening to the blues, rock and roll cd's and enjoy going to listen to live bands play as well. Mrs. Flipper has a great flower, vegetable garden and she enjoys doing rock work. Laying out river rocks making pathways from our porch to the yard. I enjoy golf, singing, playing music with my 22 year old son. We enjoy our animals, dogs, cats, and other forest animals that frequent our mountain property. So what about you folks, what do you enjoy? Would like to hear from all of you! Might get interesting ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • What-A-Coincidence
    what hobbies or interests do you enjoy spending your free time on ?

    I work on my chest and abs.

  • bigdreaux

    i do metal working, build r/c and model aircraft, build engines, read, boxing: not now, but i used to and am considering getting back into it, play drums, listen to music ALOT. that's about it.

  • tula

    what kind of fishing do you do? salt or freshwater? Do you use worms, crickets, chum, or lures?

  • bigdreaux

    DOH! how could i forget fishing and golf. i love both, but don't get to do them much.


    Photography and hiking. I like to make jewelry also.

  • snowbird

    I enjoy reading, researching my ancestry (have hit the 1870's brick wall), and playing with my grandkids.


  • greendawn

    This summer my main hobby was gardening for the first time. I didn't do that bad for the first try, I got quite a few tomatoes, aubergines, sweet peppers and Galia melons.

    I was hoping to avoid all pesticides but in the end had to use them because I was at the point of seeing all the plants getting eaten away by mites and inscects. Next year I will be spraying in a preventative way before even signs of disease/infestation appear.

  • BrentR

    I spend alot of my time blacksmithing and forging knives. My shop is full of modern machining equipment but I still like shaping orange hot metal with a hammer just like it was done thousands of yrs ago. Several times I have even smelted my own steel then forged it into a knife.

    During our brief summers here I try to get a few mountain hikes in and ride mountain bikes with my daughter.

    I would go insane if I was not creating and building stuff.

  • Mincan

    I like doing things that better myself, learning and gaining experience and the like.

    Thus reading (about a wide variety of topics: geopolitics, history, geography, anatomy, philosphy, music theory, social critique, on and on), meditating, being outdoors (biking, hiking, skiing (on my old farm ) walking, etc) if I don't go outdoors at least once or twice a day I feel like I'm trapped and get really depressed. I love the sun, and working with my hands. I love stonemasonry, blacksmithing, although I rarely get to do these things. I was an apprentice for a year to a stonemason, awesome times (until I injured myself) I love working on family projects like chimneys or bathrooms or what have you.

    I love listening to all kinds of music, I listen to a lot of classical and also a lot of the rock and metal based genres. I love getting deep into any particular piece, multiple listening, until I now every bar by heart, that's when things get really awesome when you are in the right mood.

    I used to get high 3 or 4 times a day, but I hope to quit that now, I'm in a manic state right now and am discovering (as I have in the past) that I can truly get high on life!!

    Erm, I also like writing a lot. I used to write fictional stories a lot when I was younger, the past few years I have been writing "My Meditations" which is a place I put my deep thoughts in whenever I get them. So far it's several hundred pages long and covers time from 2004. I also write opinion based journalism on things that interest me. If I don't write in a day I feel I haven't done anything worthwhile to improve myself. Because communicating with other people is so important to me and as of yet writing my feelings down has been the most efficient way of doing it. Ask people that just meet me, I'm so silent. People that know me very well who I've been able to open up to will tell you I don't do chit chat very well. Must bring it to a deeper level, so that I feel that something worthwhile has been exchanged. I crave mutual understanding...

    Right now I spend a lot of time trying to get over one particular WatchTower MindF*** which is that people are evil. Today I was lost when I re-entered the city from the Niagara River Recreation Trail, I stopped and asked a really attractive young lady directions to where I was trying to go, and she was very accomadating and not evil or mean at all, even though the witnesses would have said she was an evil prostitute because of the way she was dressed. She was very nice and it made me happy. It gives me hope that I can find someone to open up to and start a relationship.

    I spend a lot of time trying to be myself. I'm just discovering what myself is. It's different when you aren't being told how to think and who you are "supposed" to be, I.e. Put on the NEw PERSONALITY AHAHAHAHA.

    Mahler's Sixth Symphony, good god!

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