What Are your Favorite Hobbies? Things you do for Fun ?

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  • LearningToFly

    I really enjoy the outdoors, hiking, cycling, or just taking a walk through a quiet trail. I also enjoy cross country skiing, although havent done it here.

    Music is a great source of enjoyment.. my next wish is to take accoustic guitar lessons. Will have to get on that one.

    I love a good workout at the gym.. it clears the mind and soul.. and feels great.

    Reading is a source of great relaxation.. various topics.. great quotes are a passion, I am constantly looking for more great thoughts.

    I also enjoy a quiet game of chess, not a pro, but do enjoy.


  • dobbie

    LOL Sweetface that's why you've got such a big smile on your face!

  • RollerDave

    I read science fiction, fantasy, western, and mystery books a lot, Heinlein, Norton, Asimov, Tolkien, Lillian jackson Brain, Louis lamour.

    I love researching new things, new ideas, and also ideas I'm already familiar with, cults and cultbusting, JW's, mormons, scientologists, the DNC.


    I download stuff, ebooks, music, girlie pics, funny videos, instructional materials, and pictures of things that interest me. Some of these pictures wind up being done as jigsaw puzzles using the Tibo [email protected] program.

    I enjoy collecting and collating vast amounts of data, constructing databases and finding trends and relationships in the data that were not immediately evident before sorting and collation.

    I play games, D&D, GURPS, Car Wars, Traveller, various cardgames, board games, and the new and exciting constructible collectible card game, Pirates at Ocean's Edge from wiz kids.

    I shoot. I shoot a hell of a lot. We belong to a gun club and shoot pistols, rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and when we can machine-guns.

    I build stuff, fractal pyramids, concept models, models of dream houses, geometric constructs. I enjoy experimenting with theoretical polyhedral forms.

    I am currently building a ramp for the platform I put on the back of my truck for my scooter, a recumbent quadracycle made of two kid bikes side by side with a seat slung between, and a replicating carving machine.

    I want to build a CNC milling machine so I can cut panels for stitch and glue canoes.

    I modify nerf guns, hop-up airsoft, and mess around with potato cannons.

    I watch movies and TV, comedy, British comedy, action, no suspense or horror and nothing occult, I just don't like that stuff.

    Music! ELO, classic rock, country, bluegrass, big band and swing, everything from Andrews sisters to ZZ Top, except heavy metal, rap, R&B, and punk.

    I write. Stories, poems, essays, love letters to my beck.

    We go for drives, see movies, eat out, go boating, walking by the river (with me on my scoot) shopping, spending money, laughing, and loving.

    Oh, and lots and lots of sex.

    Any of the above may be done for or with someone else who needs help with it, except the sex which is ONLY for Beck.

    Other than that, I enjoy building and selling PCs, and making any money my other ideas and inventions can bring in. The world is simply rotten with cash, it's everywhere. Buy, sell, build, sell, design, sell. spend.

    Repeat as necessary.


  • flipper

    Dave and all others too numerous to mention. Thanks for all your replies. We sure have a big diverse interest on the board. Keep posting ! Love to see what people like to do ! Mrs. Flipper and I went out dancing this weekend listening to a good blues band. It was nice ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Spectre

    I ride my bike a lot. I used to race my mountain bike. You can check out a picture of me racing at Mammoth Mountain at my myspace page. myspace.com/1stern1

    I play miniature wargames. Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and several others.

    I should bust out the old guitar again....

    I have mass amounts of graphic novels, original comic-book art, books and movies.

    I have 4 snakes. 3 ball pythons and one white-lipped python.

    I have almost everything that I can find on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  • flipper

    SPECTRE- Sounds like you are quite a collector. I have frequented antique stores for years and my wife and I collect old 1920's or 1930's art prints framed. Basically mountain scenery, wildlife, hunting and fishing prints. If we buy prints without frames, I do a lot of framing in old wood frames. We have about 100 framed prints on our walls throughout our house now. Cool hobby ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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