The Movie "Borat "- Did you Like it? What Did you Learn from It ?

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  • Scully

    Dreadfully crass. I can see why it appeals to pubescent boys.

  • Gregor

    I dragged my wife to see it after reading so many positive reviews. She was reluctant to go. Turned out she loved it, and, while I won't say I hated it, I didn't like it.

  • flipper

    BRENT R- Very original and funny ! Thumbs up !

    MINIMUS- I felt the same. I really enjoy candid camera type stuff too ! Spur of the moment type comedy.

    FREE2THINK- Yeah, I loved Cohen in Talladega Nights- The Ballad of Ricky Bobby too!

    GERMANXJW- Understand, not everyone's cup of tea! I respect that.

    JK666- I nearly died laughing at that part too, and when they went running naked trhough the real estate convention, watching the expression on the peoples faces was priceless. That scene I heard had not been set up, very real.LOL !

    NEW YORK44M- Cool ! Yeah, I know I get kinda deep analyzing stuff to death, glad you liked it.

    SERATONINWRATH- Yes, we do have a long way to go to break down prejudices in this nation and elsewhere.

    NINJA- You really met Cohen when he was making the film ? Serious ? I'm a bit gullible. Care to tell us all about it or pm me ? That's cool !

    4DIGITCODE- That was hilarious at the yard sale when he talked about the gypsy shrinking the barbies head. And when he said, " I will go through your treasures." She said casually," Be my guest!" Yes, and they were so paranoid about the Jewish couple that was funny. Started throwing dollar bills in the room to appease them. Hilarious !

    SCULLY- Yes, I know it was crass, bawdy humor. Some of us have that, some don't, I respect that. However it appealed to many more people than just pubescant boys. There were a lot of middle aged women and men laughing their tails off.

    GREGOR- Glad to hear your wife had a good time and liked the movie. Like I said, hey sorry you didn't but different strokes as they say, that's cool! Peace out. thanks for the replies. Keep em' comin'

  • Snoozy

    Well I am a 65 year old great grandma and I loved it!

    I thought it was really stupid at first then I just started laughing my butt off. Can't wait to see it grandson has the movie.

    I heard he will be making a sequel..anyone else hear that?


    edited to add..I learned to not take life so seriously ...have some fun!

    Also stupid can be really funny sometimes...

  • BrentR

    I should have added that I had a surgical procedure earlier in the day and was heavily drugged. My wife got a me stack of movies since I was under house arrest. It may have been even funnier if I wasn't stoned. Or maybe the drugs made it better, either way I had tears going.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I saw Borat on so many talkshows I was kinda sick of his schtick. I saw the movie on DVD and glad I didn't go to the show. Once I'd seen on the news that he lied to the villagers he used in the film about what he was going to say about them, and paid them as little as 8 bucks when he's made millions, I have an aversion to its success. Sure, I saw how many Americans are prejudiced jerks when I watched it, but it wasn't news. There were funny moments alright. I saw a Youtube clip where he pissed off some guy in New York and was punched in the face. Well, he asked for it. The hairy ass wrestling was too much to endure. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know. Sorry. W.Once

  • proplog2

    This role-playing that mixes the real with the unreal is very Jewish. Charlie Chaplin Pee Wee Herman Andy Kaufmann Don Rickles Larry David Albert Brooks Marx Brothers Borat (Cohen) Jack Benny Woody Allen It's hard to tell where these characters leave off and where the real person begins. Jews aren't the only ones who do this kind of humor but they certainly do it best.

  • NoLoveLost

    I saw the DVD right after I had a C-section - it was quite painful to laugh that hard! On the serious side - I found it was interesting that Borat could bring his own excretement to the table and be excused, but not a black hooker. I guess that preacher hasn't read his Bible lately.

  • sass_my_frass

    Only I've ever walked out of in my life. I found it offensive and couldn't stay.

  • dobbie

    Tbh hubby had the dvd and i wouldn't watch it for ages, i thought it was just the sort of film i'd hate, full of language and a bit stupid, but through some of it i was nearly crying with laughter, esp. when he was a dinner guest and made a comment about how the men in his country would like two of the wives there, and then he said to this bloke 'but not your wife' or something and the blokes face was really funny. I thought he was a bit nuts and lucky not to get lynched at the rodeo show when he started singing his country's anthem, and was shocked when he was winding them up saying stuff about killing all the iraquis plus children and alot were agreeing with him, then when i watched the extra scenes on the dvd the news reported it and edited it to show him saying all that stuff and where in the film people looked mad at him singing his anthem, they put that in where he's been talking about the iraq people. The only thing i didn't like was that hairy bum in his face bit yuk! Peoples reactions to him were really interesting to watch, i think it was cleverly put together though he must have a death wish or something!

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