The Movie "Borat "- Did you Like it? What Did you Learn from It ?

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  • bigdreaux
    The kind of movie Beavis and Butthead would love.

    huh huh huh huh yeah yeah huh huh

  • BrentR

    The only people that labeled it antisemetic were the ones who either did not see it or at least the ending. Unlike most comedians Sasha has a degree and the movie did have a powerful statement to make. He did not just fall off "the turnip truck" yesterday and sometimes vulgarity and bad taste is used as tool vs just having bad taste.

  • sweetface2233

    The movie was great! But, I have to admit, of the 10 times I've seen it, I was sober only once. That was the last time I watched it. I don't know if the high was making everything funnier or by that time I was getting tired of it. Either way, it's a great flick.

    You really need to check out his series "Da Ali G Show". If you think Borat is stupid, you'll love his character Ali G. My fave line from his first season was when he was interviewing Newt Gingrich. They were discussing the war in Iraq and WMAs. Ali G told Gingrich (in his sexy British accent), "Isn't it stupid to go to war over a sandwich?" I laughed so hard that a little bit of pee came out.

  • bigdreaux
    I laughed so hard that a little bit of pee came out.

    that's hot.

  • BrentR

    That must be a Louisiana thing.

  • dobbie

    Lol Sweetface, got to admit i wasn't sober when i watched it either - didn't pee myself though!

  • flipper

    All I can say to everyone's responses is, " I like sex, it's nice. " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • bigdreaux

    make sexy time!!!!!

  • nvrgnbk

    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but Cohen is Jewish.

    His father is Welsh. His mother is Israeli.


  • SirNose586

    I learned that hype leaves a bad taste in your mouth when it doesn't live up to itself.

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