Curious: What Is Your View of Alabama/Alabamians?

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  • jaguarbass

    Alabama and West Virgina thats where the people marry their brothers and sisters.

    Albania and Albanainians thats over in Europe.

    But I would have no problem moving to Alabama if it meant I could get out of Florida.

    Plus my sister is already married.

  • snowbird

    bttt, because ...

  • RubaDub

    I have a very dismal view of a State in which a certain wine was recently banned because the artwork on the label was too suggestive (some sort of Greek nymph if I recall).

    I can't believe how many areas of Alabama are "dry" and you have to drive to the next county to get a beer. Come on people, get a life.

    I don't understand how people can live around such ... shall I use the term "rednecks" ... or holy-rollers ....

    I just don't understand why "normal" people would ever put up with that sh*t.

    Rub a Dub

  • snowbird
  • palmtree67

    I can't say I've ever thought to much about Alabama, having never had opportunity to go there.

    But, if Sylvia is a true representation of what Alabamians are like, then I love Alabama!!

  • palmtree67

    Oooops, double post.

  • snowbird

    Thanks, Palm!

    Repetition for emphasis!

    You go, girl!


  • Soldier77

    I met a girl on spring break that was from Alabama. She was gorgeous! Had a great sense of humor, liked a lot of the same things I like and had an awesome southern drawl. I was in love. We both got drunk at the bar and I can't remember what happened after that... I don't even know her name... lol

  • snowbird



  • outlander

    Snowbird. I think someone mentioned Haleyville here. Are you near there? I lived near Winfield for 15 years and other than the fact that I was only a half hour ride from a very nice National Forest and a Wilderness Area, I found the experience to be an eye opener. Where I was at less than half of the county residents had a High School diploma. Very few had any type of College. A large number of the population could not read, and were proud of it. A lot of the people hated outsiders and it didn't matter how long you lived there you were still considered an outsider. They were very conservative. This was during the Clinton election and the local paper ran weekly full page ads proclaiming that Clinton was the AntiChrist. Many of the women I met had 6 or more kids, all from different fathers, no drivers licenses while being in their 30's, and dirt poor. Square dancing was considered a sin, as was just about everything else. All the counties were dry, but all the local Sheriff's were on the take to bootleggers who would send drivers into the town of Jasper 40 miles away to buy beer and liquor. A six pack from the local bootlegger was $2.00 a can, a half pint of Jack was $9.00. There was plenty of home grown pot around too. I knew some people who lived in old mobile homes with no running water or toilet. Some just ran a PVC pipe from their toilet downslope to the nearest creek. When Nafta was passed all the jobs went south. People were walking away from their homes. I sold my place and got out, went to Georgia. Summing things up: There were some good people there, but most were right out of the movie Deliverance with Burt Reynalds. I never intend to go back. It was an interesting experience, but in some ways I feel like i just wasted a number of years there when I could have accomplished so much more elsewhere.

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