Curious: What Is Your View of Alabama/Alabamians?

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  • lonelysheep

    The first thought that comes to my mind are Confederate flags and lynching.

    I've never been to Alabama. The beaches look beautiful from what I've seen on tv/photos and the sky was very clean/unpolluted when I flew over it. I imagined it to be very beautiful.

    I haven't met a lot of people from there, but those I've met have been very kind people.

  • snowbird
    I don't think I know anybody from Alabama. I assume that it's still flat and hot, but that they've gotten over segregation.

    It is HOT; the jury is still out on segregation; there are hills and mountains in the northern parts.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Alabama has no cools songs written about it like Yellow Rose of Texas, Deep in the heart of Texas, although I do remember a Clint Eastwood film, young soldier singing about "Alabami." Can you sing it for me? ...What do you mean "the jury is still out on segregation."

  • snowbird
    Alabama has no cools songs written about it

    Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    My Home's In Alabama - Alabama

    Alabama, Alabama (State Song) - Julia S. Tutwiler

    There are many more, can't recall them right now. Segregation still exists, just not legally sanctioned.


  • Gopher

    I liked the country music group - Alabama.

    "Love in the First Degree"

    "Mountain Music"

    "Take Me Down"

    "Feels So Right"

    "Dixieland Delight"

    "If You're Gonna Play in Texas"

    I like the only Alabamian that I know, too.

  • Chameleon
  • MeneMene

    I was born & raised in Georgia.

    I think Alabama is pretty much the same as Georgia but we have all the Alabama jokes just to make us feel better about ourselves.

  • JK666

    I once downhill skiied with a girl from Alabama, so I have stereotyped Alambamans as lousy skiiers!

  • reneeisorym

    I am in Mississippi .. so this shall be interesting.

    I have been there a BUNCH of times. I think they are all more southern fried and like hunting/fishing/nascar more than Mississippians. We have more of an influence from Lousianna (which is another breed of Americans!).

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    What Is Your View of Alabama/Alabamians?

    Can't see any from where I am.

    sorry, carry on...

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