for the guys, no girls allowed

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  • bigdreaux

    well, since there are other posts that are women only, i decided to discuss guy stuff.

    so, this is as open thread, discuss anything. beer, whiskey, women, football, anything guy related.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I'm sure the women of JWD will obediently avoid reading this thread, much less posting to it. After all, the headship principle is on the line here.

    Right ladies?

    Open Mind

  • bigdreaux

    haha, this is all in good fun, i just want us guys to feel like we are at a bar laughing and drinking. nothing serious. just good old boy stuff.

  • KW13

    Bigdreaux's turn to get the drinks in?

    I wonder what women talk about in the bathroom together? organizing a threesome for their mans birthday present? How well endowed their man is?

  • bigdreaux

    yes, i am buying on this thread. when women are in the bathroom, they talk about what jerks we are, and how much they hate other women.


    I will be "eavesdropping" on this thread as long as it is alive.

    (trust me - you don't want to read mrs. jones thread and minu's was just sad)

  • bluesbreaker59

    Ok, I'll go for that. So this weekend, I had the ulimate "single guy weekend". I smoked pork shoulder starting at around 5 am on Friday morning, then went on a date that night, went to another girl's place Friday night, the next day I had family over for a BBQ, and we drank lots of beer. Then Saturday night I played with my band out at a Marina, and I was flirting and grinding on more women than I care to admit to (while I was playing the shit outta my guitar), and drinking Jack Daniels whiskey, like it was going outta style. Sunday morning I slept in, ate leftover BBQ, then went out and played again that night, on the "bad side" of town, and saw more naked boobies than I care to see again for a while. Yesterday, I layed around and drank margaritas with the same girl from my date on Friday. Also watched some preseason NFL on the NFL Network So it was a good weekend.

    I think I covered all the points, women, whiskey, beer, meat, football. Next weekend it'll be more of the same I'm sure, except it will be ribs in the smoker and Maker's Mark to drink, maybe some High Life too, just because, and I'll probably smoke some Padrons too, because I didn't get around to it this weekend.

  • snowbird

    bigdreaux, I'm at work and right now I'm telling about your reply to kW re keeping the field service donation money.

    We're having a good laugh about it, too.

    I will be checking in from time to time to make sure you're walking the line.


  • KW13

    Megans waters broke today, i will be seeing her later at the hospital when she goes into actual labour (outside visiting hours now) - get me another drink someone i'm broke and the first went to my head so i walk like john Wayne

    Regarding post in contribution thread;

    by accident? nope, that was my drink money i felt i earned for walking in the hot ass sun for 3 hours.

    SO YOUR NOT EVEN BUYIN THEM YASELF - i shall oust you from your own thread if you dont spend ya own cash!

  • Gopher

    KW13 -- Good luck on the birth of Noah !! (Or actually, good luck to the missus and hope you don't have a heart attack.)

    Bigdreaux -- Do you think Drew and the boys will lead the Saints to the Super Bowl this year? (The NFC has to send somebody for the Chargers, Colts or Patriots to beat up on.) What about that new receiver you have -- Lance Moore?

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