Your most hated Kingdom Songs ever...

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  • Gopher

    Monophonic -- that song was "Forward You Witnesses". Here is the post (by the JW researcher DocBob) about it earlier in this thread:

    "Firm and determined, in this time of the end...."

    This is the song credited to a German JW in a concentration camp, entitled in English, "Forward You Witnesses". In fact, it is referenced in the Holocaust museum in Washington DC.

    This is also my most hated song. Besides being just a bad song, it seems that the author, Erich Frost, was not the steadfast witnesses that both he and the WT make him out to be. According to Gestapo documents, after he was betrayed by August Fehst, Frost ratted out seven other district servants. See
  • monophonic

    gopher, thanks for the links on that.

    i love the spin the wtbts puts on everything....but they have no worries b/c reading anything w/o their spin is 'apostasy'. the information choke-hold is ridiculous.

    the melody was probably ripped off of some other song anyway.

  • ssrriotsquad

    Apocalypse now:

    Dark days are here! Kids live in fear! With dire expectation, to child molestation... Hands on their throat, children they grope. Society has denied the charges all around..
  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    We thank you Jehovah for all that you done, your about to kill everyone just like you've done before

    We thank you for the pain and suffering for the last 4 thousand years, the blood that you shed can never be undone

    And we thank you for your magazine company who tells us what your about to do, for which we never know

    We love you for all you done for us ............but now I hear Armageddon so now I better run

  • B_Deserter
    "Hail the Theocracy, ever increasing, wondrous expansion is now taking place"

    They need to qualify that, it should be "Hail the Theocracy, ever increasing, wondrous expansion is now taking place (in the third-world)"


    I left the JW's back in 1999, and the songs I didn't like, I don't even remember was only the good ones I remembered. But.....after attending other churches, I now have a different style of music preferences and now all them JW tunes turn me off. The music I listen to now, REALLY makes you feel something for Him. It makes you realize, "Hey, He must really enjoy this music, it's directed to Him totally. It is total praises to Him. I felt NOTHING while singing them so called Kingdom songs. One example...Hillsong Church, WOW...their music is powerful.... "One way, Jesus, You're the only one for me". AMEN!


  • d

    This one was okay but it still bothered me

  • bucketbot

    This is one of the songs in the new songbook, and in my opinion, it is the most blatantly brainwashing one they have ever done. -- "Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed"

    The title says it all.

  • nugget

    In a land so broad and spacious

    Free from strife and things vexatious

    See a happy crowd vivacious

    in Gods service that is efficatious

    Disasterous lyrics

  • 00DAD

    The dumbest lyric was the one about the molested bees. Ackkk, such crap!

    Oh, yeah, and don't those molested bees need to be beat off?

    Who wrote this shit? Pedophile bee-keepers?

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