You can be Disfellowshiped for being too FAT!!!!!

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  • rebel8

    When I was a therapist, I had an elder sit in my office and tell my patient she would get dfd for Bulimia, or reproved if she immediately stopped it (part of showing proper repentance).

    So she immediately stopped it and became Anorexic instead.

    Another screwed up life, thanks to the borg.

  • JH

    Forget what the body looks like, let them look at the heart instead....

  • educ8self

    Actually that's a good point, it seems they disfellowship based on repeated behavior patterns, is that true? If that's the case it isn't really based on whether someone is repentant, because that is about what's in their heart. I guess it's just like how they judge by works as in the field service hours, no clue about what's really going on inside a person.

  • looking_glass

    Who would enforce this law, the fat fatty who runs the joint! I don't think so. Yes, I agree that obesity and gluttony don't run hand-in-hand. But I would suspect that many of the JWs who suffer w/ this condition are binge eaters because of depression or some other psychological condition. My mother is extremely obese, but she had polio as a child and her mobility is limited. That being said, I use to get frustrated with her on a regular basis (when she was talking to me) because her house was stocked w/ crap. But if you are not allowed to do ANYTHING and food is something you MUST do to survive, you will have those that will overindulge in unhealthy things. When I use to be in over 10 years ago, more than half the elder body and MS were morbidly obese and when you mentioned that you had gone to the gym, they acted like you have said you went to have sex w/ a hooker. So what do you expect!

  • tula

    Gee...if they keep df everybody for every imperfection...pretty soon they wont have anyone left to boss around.

    Also...I have heard of being a "glutton for punishment".....that should df most JW's on the spot

  • What-A-Coincidence
  • moomanchu

    You can be, but you won't be.

    My family doctor who I think was Jewish told me there were no fat people in the concentration camps.

    I should lose about 20 pounds according to him.

  • Cheetos

    Um... bean burritos, and greasy bacon in the morning. Heck I remember all those cheese Danish's I used to eat at the assemblies people almost fought for them. Most of that filthy they sold had high fat content. Ha ha, I am eating Cheese Puffs right now, so go pound sand govering body, you bunch of Wankers, we will eat what we want.

  • Blueblades

    The Watchtower has fat all around their hearts.


  • WTWizard

    This is just too simplistic. People get fat for a variety of reasons, gluttony being only one of them. With the additives put in our food, controlling portions is not nearly as easy as when our food was in its natural state. Then there is the issue of health--foods that clog the liver will contribute to obesity. This means that people really need liver cleanses to help. While that is only one possible cause, it is worth a try.

    Stress and lack of sleep are other factors. Under the stress the Tower constantly puts on people, it is little wonder that they will get fat. Their sleep is minimal, because of all those damn meetings and field circus eating all their time. There have been articles in mainstream newspapers that healthy volunteers that were allowed 4 hours sleep (in their early 20s) for 6 days functioned like diabetics in their 60s. Anyone who cares to look through medical journals might even be able to find similar studies. What is sure is that if you don't sleep, you feel like crap and don't feel like exercising and are inefficient in burning calories.

    And there is the issue of exercise. If you used to sit on the couch and eat pizza, and you swap that for walking in the field circus, then you will be getting more exercise. But, if you are even moderately fit before, you will be reducing your exercise. Especially if you used to walk an hour a day at a steady pace, you are not going to find time for it. In its place is the drudgery of driving, walking to doors, and standing or sitting there while you attempt to scam the householder. That is going to lend a hand in getting you fat. Case in point, I had lost about 50 pounds in college (the Freshman 15, times 3) about the end of my sophomore year, and kept it off until just before I came into the "truth(??)". At which point, I gained back all that weight that I lost. So much for losing weight in the Tower.

    Speaking of which I have seen two people that were so fat in the Kingdumb Hell that they had to sit in special chairs without arms. Both were sluggisn at exercise. They had to be around 400 pounds--one of them uses a walker for fatness. Others that are less obese but still need to lose 100 pounds or more are common. Many are between 40 and 100 pounds too fat. So, unless they are going to ban eating, I doubt that being fat is going to get people disfellowshipped.

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