You can be Disfellowshiped for being too FAT!!!!!

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  • WTWizard

    About "thin gluttons": Yes it is possible to be very thin and eat a lot. But is this a "glutton" in the sense that the Watchtower Society made it look to be? Probably not. Some very thin people have extremely high metabolisms, and they can eat all they want without putting on any weight. Were they to moderate their eating, their metabolism would slow down. More likely than not, they would lose muscle and healthy tissue and eventually get fat. And they would be unhealthy.

    Also, very thin people that eat heavily may do so because of getting lots of exercise. Many Witless jobs are very demanding physically. Others might live in regions where the field circus involves hours of walking every day. Remember, if you walk an hour a day at a steady brisk pace, it is very difficult to become and remain fat. If you walk 8 hours a day like this, you are going to have to eat a lot to maintain a reasonable weight, and getting fat would be almost impossible. Back when people had to do that all the time, people regularly consumed more than 6,000 calories a day and never got fat. They burned them all off.

    Gluttony is not determined by the amount that someone eats. It is determined by their attitude toward food. Usually it is a treatable eating disorder, similar to anorexia and bulemia. And one of the treatments is to allow for some degree of imperfection (most eating disorders result from perfectionism, something that the Puketower Society demands). A pure glutton is one that eats all the time, and is all-consumed with eating. There is not anything physically wrong with this person (some diseases increase appetite and metabolism). The eating interferes with their work performance. They would be eating non-stop while working (I did work with one true glutton: he was very fat, and always had something to eat at all times).

    I think the Watchtower Society had better get its priorities straight. Gluttony is often caused by stress. Reducing the stress is the treatment (therapy is also recommended). They add more stress if they hound and threaten to disfellowship gluttons. It is true that these people are "greedy". But many are sick. They are under too much stress already, their lives are full of boredom and stagnation, or both. The field misery and meetings add to both stress and stagnation, worsening the existing gluttony and creating new gluttony problems (anorexia and bulemia also). Besides, this encourages people that are not true gluttons but that have a very high metabolism, a disease that increases appetite, or exercise a lot to be hounded for it. It also encourages fat people that are fat because of slow metabolism or not exercising enough (too much driving in the field circus, perhaps) to be hounded.

    There is a cure for most true gluttony. Stimulate the person with highly enjoyable work. This will allow the person to not think of eating (remember children that are engrossed in play when dinner time comes will usually be reluctant to interrupt their play to eat.) Tedious work like the field circus is NOT emjoyable: if a person truly enjoys their work, a coffee break or lunchtime (or quitting time) will be seen as an intrusion, not as a welcome break. Get them involved in something that they truly enjoy. Allow them to play, preferably learning all the while. I bet their preoccupation with food will die off and they will become more normal. If that means no more Watchtower Society, so be it.

  • beksbks
    Geezuz, first chess and then the fritos

    Uhhhh did I miss something?

  • steve2

    Doesn't this illustrate the stunning stupidity of trying to enforce a list of "sins" from over 2,000 years ago? That was the world then: A diametrically different place, with different knowledge about what "caused" sins.

    Now we konw from a scientific perspective the causes of gluttony (i.e., excess over-eating) and it is not, ahem, a wicked heart.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I found alot of Sisters were fat said she "Couldn't stand to look at" a Sister who was Obese.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'm making my type larger so you won't miss this. Fat was not mentioned. Gluttony was mentioned. Skinny people can be gluttons. Gluttony doesn't always make a person fat. Most overweight people do not gorge themselves on food.

    We've beat this dead horse before here on JWD. Please stop promoting this kind of ignorance.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I agree skinny people can be Gluttons.......but people who eat more than what they need get fat or obese...right...I'm speaking from personal experience...I know since I've put on weight it's due to eating and drinking whatever I want, and not excersing enough.

  • JK666

    It would never happen unless an elder had a burr up his rear for somebody. I knew elders and their wives that needed to be weighed on an industrial scale.


  • Finally-Free

    I was already overweight before I joined the JWs. My greatest regret is that they didn't just mark me as a "do-not-call" as soon as they saw my stomach.


  • anewme

    Assisting people who are morbidly obese or very fat to become thinner is a complicated matter involving
    psychiatry, medical doctors, exercise specialists and spiritual advisers.

    The task is way beyond the scope of training of the average Jehovahs Witness Elder and is best left to the individual to find a solution.

    Friendship, fellowship, good companionship, Love and peace and security within a community will go a long way to assist the obese to lay a foundation for a turn around in their health.

    Obesity is one of those very visible health problems that carry a huge negative stigma in society.
    There are other conditions which similarly stimulate repulsion from society.
    Have you ever seen a person entirely covered by warts? I have seen this twice. Once on a man and another time on a woman. Very sad. What's to keep that one wart on your finger or foot from getting out of control and taking over your entire body? I dont know. It is a medical condition. Is it communicable? I dont know. But if someone like that extended his or her hand to shake, would you shake it?

    I once worked at a job where a man came in seeking employment who had peculiar facial features.
    His eyes were way too far apart and his teeth had huge spaces between them. In every other way he was fine and intelligent and pleasant. Ours was a sales job. I heard my boss advise him to become a limo driver or something.

    When you start to think of all the peculiar bodies and faces you have seen, huge butts, large noses,
    balding men and women, pimply teens, people missing teeth and fingers etc. you have to ask yourself how important really are all these exterior features? I mean these are all precious human beings who all started out as cute innocent gurgling babies who someone cherished and fed and dressed and worried about.
    Unforeseen occurrence has befallen them all. It happens to all of us everyday. And ask yourself, where does it end? How many people on the earth will we check off our list as unsuitable human associates just because of body shape or skin color or amount of hair or height?

    When Jesus walked the earth he tried to open our eyes to the important things. He looked at the hearts of individuals, the intention, the conscience, the minds. He said it was not what went into a man (or woman)
    that defiled him, but what came out.
    So all the things that can happen to an individual, both what others do to him both physically and emotionally and what the individual does to himself is second in importance to what generates from the heart. We are judged by what is coming from our hearts. That is where the true work of spirituality is concerned. Because it is from the abundance of heart that the mouth speaks and actions are generated.

    True spiritual leaders cannot instantly heal a person, but they can assist by leading and inspiring.

    When they disfellowship individuals it is to cover up their failure.

  • JWdaughter

    Steve said: "I also think it is "easy" flicking through old copies of the Watchtowers quoting various rules and policies that currently probably never see the light of day (i.e., are never actioned by elders). Apart from entertainment value, it strikes me as dredging up the bottom of the barrel."

    This bottom of the barrel information came from the 'slave'. You know, food at the proper time and all that. The general prohibition against gluttony is in the Bible, but of course, the WT will twist it to suit their purposes and to their satisfaction.

    The WT says a lot of nutty things, but if a JW challenges them, they are worse than the glutton. The WT article was stupid then and it is stupid now. And if it is from 30 years ago-did God change the Bible on the subject in the last 30 years?

    Their articles were/are hogwash when they are written, and 30 years later it is still a waste of paper. The good thing about the internet is that it is probably cutting down on paper waste in the cong. Fewer people obviously are responding to the stupid literature-the truth of the WT org. is out there!

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