You can be Disfellowshiped for being too FAT!!!!!

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  • Hortensia

    true, gluttony isn't necessarily the same thing as obesity - there are some very gluttonous people who aren't fat - yet. Speaking as a fattie, I remember a talk at a 1974 convention (pre-75 hysteria) where they discussed this and implied a crackdown, but it never happened. Also speaking as a fattie, I say fuck them with something sharp and pointed where it hurts the most.

    edited to add: fat is a health problem/personal weakness/addiction that shows on the outside. Other personal weaknesses like abusing the family, or drinking or drug abuse can be done in secret, but I think they are just as much a problem as overweight.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I'm a fatty too thats why i posted this...the hell with them!

  • steve2

    You got anything on the dinner menu that's less than 30 years old? I'd like to see a more recent dish because it's possible the ones you quote are well passed their used by date and could cause indigestion.

  • changeling

    I've never heard of this rule being enforced. It would be difficult to say the least. And their numbers would suffer.


  • steve2
    I've never heard of this rule being enforced. It would be difficult to say the least. And their numbers would suffer.

    I agree with you Changeling: I have never heard of anyone being disfellowshipped because of being too fat and in my time I've known some very, very big JWs with enormous appetites.

    I also think it is "easy" flicking through old copies of the Watchtowers quoting various rules and policies that currently probably never see the light of day (i.e., are never actioned by elders). Apart from entertainment value, it strikes me as dredging up the bottom of the barrel.

  • skeeter1

    Being obese does not look good at the door. So, just like a beard, the WT discourages obesity to sell more magazines.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk way would they dfed someone who was fat....there were plenty of fat fucks in my old cong.Mostly elders.

  • Hermano

    I've never heard of this rule being enforced. It would be difficult to say the least. And their numbers would suffer.

    Exactly. They'll never enforce this cause they would have to df too many people. Can you imagine three fat elders disfellowshipping someone for gluttony. Yeah, just because you're fat doesn't mean you're a glutton, but still.

    (That's right, the But Still argument.)

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Witness 007:

    one who persists in making a glutton of himself has no place in the Congregation of God's people...those who practice such things will not inherit God's Kingdom."

    This ranks right up there with the possibility of being disfellowshipped for being unclean (I mean physically, nasty, stinky, unhygenically unclean). A person in the Borg can and does get their "Privileges" removed but that is as far as it ever goes...maybe unannounced reproof. Technically, a person could be D/F'd for both of these things (gluttony and being nasty unclean) But I have never heard it happening. I once asked about the unhygenic reason for a D/F. The DO I asked said he had never heard of it happening..and he had served in Service Dept. and had been in traveling work for decades.

    Pretty unlikely it would happen....even in the high control organization of the Borg. I am sure they would never do anything to actually help such individuals....which brings me to this:

    I have been thinking about obese folks since last week when I came across a customer in their home who had to weigh 500 pounds. The box springs on his bed was shattered...mattress had a permanent sag. Pizza boxes stacked next to him with a recent addition of a Pizza Hut box and a McDonald's bag right there that he was eating from. He could barely walk and was headed in the direction that you see on TLC shows such as "20,000 calories", et al. Someone is enabling this giving them money or bringing the food or something.

    My question, and I don't intend to be insulting to any here who are obese... (Esp since I have always been a thin person..but even I have to watch out or I will end up like my dad did...80 pounds overweight when he died)...I only ask out of concern and curiosity... is: how does this happen? I know that some medical conditions and medicines can exascerbate the problem.....but at what point does a person just ...I dont know...wake up so damn fat and does nothing about it? Getting fat does not happen takes time....and it is a simple medical fact that if we consume more calories than we expend in energy we are going to gain weight.....The solution, which I am sure is much harder once a person gets to that point., to eat less calories and excercise....

    The abundance of junk food and fast food and convenience food coupled with the serious lack of cooking skills in our younger generation is leading the US and other western lands to become huge..... we will have a country full of people on disability for problems brought on by obesity soon and no one working to pay the taxes to pay for those checks and the medical bills of these people will go unpaid....a spiral that will happen if people dont wake up soon. You cannot legislate healthy living.

    Sorry if this is a seems this is as good a thread as any to ask this serious question...It is not my intent to poke fun or make light of anyone in this serious situation. I just want to understand so I can be more empathetic..

    With respect....

    SnakesInTheTower (of the "only wanting to understand" Sheep Class)

  • educ8self

    There's both mental and physical factors, and the interplay of the two. The phrase "mind-body connection" always strikes me as stupid sounding because as far as I'm concerned it's one thing - to view it as separate is the fundamental mistake in the first place.

    So on the mental side, just really deciding to do it is key. I know someone who has over 150lbs to lose, probably close to 200, and he's been doing so well (50 now) that I went ahead and did it with him for a while and lost like 25 lbs or whatever - I decided to stop because now I'm only 5 lbs over my weight 10 years ago, fat % is fine along with all bloodwork, even if BMI is not ideal and I have some breasts - and I've kept the weight off. There's no doubt in my mind I can lose more if I wanted to, I'm able to limit myself to eat anything and exercise a lot if I decide to push myself, but I just don't see the need.

    But there are other factors including those under the physical/biological/genetic that I don't pretend to know as I won't from experience anyway, but what I can say is if you are aware of it mentally you can atleast work with it - which is a matter of being in touch with your own experience.

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