You can be Disfellowshiped for being too FAT!!!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Watch 74 p.167 "By disobediently overindulging in food and making a glutton of himself, he fails to show love for Jehovah God...Is food a big thing in his life? If in the presents of others, does he selfishly ignore thier needs and take far more then his share? Is he grossly overweight but shows no restraint at all as to food, habitually gorging himself? Does he feel un-comfortable, perhaps even getting sick because of eating too much? who persists in making a glutton of himself has no place in the Congregation of God's people...those who practice such things will not inherit God's Kingdom."

    Watch 78 12/15 p.9 "At a meal, the gluttonous person may make it impossible for other diners to eat to satisfaction. For this reason, the glutton may eventually be despised. By yielding to selfish cravings, he actually isolates himself from others. Because of his greedy ways they may shun him...Unless the individual corrects his course, he may incur God's displeasure and lose his the near future, God through Jesus Christ and his kingdom, will bring law-defying gluttons to an end...Then persons who... have not had companionship with gluttons will hunger no more."

    {This writer at Bethel has been sitting in the dining room next to a hungry fat bethelite for many years no doubt}

  • Stealth453

    In the wacky watchwanker world, anything is possible.

  • educ8self

    It'd be interesting to hear about such a case if it happend, but imagine what would happen to the guy with the general societal (not WT) pressure over obesity on top of the shunning - suicide perhaps? Maybe become one of those 700lb guys that has to be removed from the house with a crane.

    The ruling class couldn't possibly be guilty of as much craving (for power) as the glutton, micromanaging the rank and file's life? Noooo....

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Judging by the size of some of the people I've seen at kingdom halls, they have a very liberal definition of what is too fat.

  • educ8self

    Good point, perhaps the obesity standard in the organization is directly proportionate to the GB's body composition.

  • greendawn

    How bizarre I don't know if there are any morbidly obese among the JWs but the line they follow is so daft: the obese are gluttons without table manners that quickly devour food leaving everyone else hungry.

    Surely not many obese people get fat in that indiscrete way.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    We had a hugely obese sister in the Cong. who kept falling over. Some sisters kindly inquired about her "gluttony." The Elders honestly didn't know what to do, they told everyone she had a medical condition. Can you imagine if they pushed it further...many Cong. members would begin a mass panic and go to Jenny Craig. Watchtower madness, let me out!

  • kerj2leev

    In one of my KH's the P.O. was huge! He had to stop give public talks cause he couldn't STAND that long!

  • tula

    will they REALLY do that or are you just saying this in jest? What is the cut-off, weight-wise?

    In defense of "fat" people...

    sometimes it has nothing to do with gluttony. It can be hormonal or metabolical. Also, the transfats that we have consumed in many many processed foods over the years WILL NOT BURN OFF. That's right. Trans-fats are actually a trans-plastic isomer and does not melt like fat. It is stored and attached to fat molecules in the body.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    As the articles point out you can literally be disfellowshiped for gluttony however proving it is extremely difficult. To my knowledge nobody has been Disfellowshiped for this that I know of. People who eat alot are generally shy about it and do so in private. The articles are ridiculous, saying that a glutton would eat everything on the table and leave nothing for others. Although I have alot of skinny friends who do just that. One very thin 18 year old pioneer holds the Cong. record at Pizza hut all you can eat, 2 large and a bottle of Coke. He did not feel great afterwards and we didn't prosecute him.

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