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  • Norm

    Hi Trevor,

    If you want some more "Beast riding" send me your E-Mail addy.


  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    Hi Norm,

    Great scan. My supply of "spiritual food" runs out at 1999, so I don't have access to any of the latest stuff.

    My email is (Edited: thanks Norm.)



  • Trevor Scott
  • wannahelp

    Wow! Such food... I don't feel hungry any more..

    Of course, now I want to puke, but that is just because the food was tainted :-)

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    All these scans should be together in a somewhat comprehensive manner now, here:


    Alternate links:



  • biblexaminer

    This is all good work. Bravo!

    I hope that folks here don't let this issue die. The Watchtower needs to have this rammed right up their ass.

  • ashitaka

    Up the the brain, if it's possible.


  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    In the beginning the WTS moved like a stork
    within the muddy waters of religion.
    Today it is like a duck, swimming within the
    dirty mud of religion and policy.
    The stork had long legs, which granted that the body
    stayed rather clean, there was a distance to the mud.
    But the legs were run shorter by all the lies
    which WTS used to move in the mud.
    So the bonmot is valid
    "Lies have short legs".

    I wonder when they will be a serpent,
    creeping through their wonderworld
    of shaken doctrines as the legs are to be
    runned off by their intrigues.
    Ugly this behavior of Volga-Villages
    the front is proper - behind is
    nothing than crap.
    Sorry, dear gerrit loesch,
    youd better go home to the Austrian alps
    where you should spend your living than
    in the beast s town head of an org
    that changes chameleon-like its
    god does not work with hat-tricks.
    he has strong rules that will not be changable
    by any human idiology.
    take your hat and
    order your ticket home.
    or is your conscience already mummyfied?

  • hawkaw


    Your site is great. You have really hit a nail on the head with a big a$$ hammer with respect to this part of the crieria that they voluntarily agreed too.


  • dungbeetle

    I just had a discussion with someone, and this is what i think...

    as frustrated as we are sometimes, we can't be as frustrated as those original four bethelites that released 'The Report' all those years ago detailing the Watchtower plans for the UN affiliation. (or so I've heard. Funny we haven't heard from them as yet...maybe they're all dead. Oh if we could only get a copy..!!!

    Anyway, I think we've accomplished all we can accomplish in the short haul. The main thing now I think is education of the public..the gene pool from which the Watchtower gets new converts. This will hurt the Watchtower financially if nothing else, and honestly I think this is already reflected in their 'relief efforts' in Houston as well as the UN affiliation in the first place...(gotta get money from somewhere).

    The webpages are up, and more will be joing Zev I am sure. And as someone on the board is doing, he is preparing a cd with all the info on it and putting it aside for all the interested people he will meet over the next few years who he could share this information with. It's taken many long years for what those four Bethelites did to bear fruitage, but it finally may take a long time for what we're doing to show fruitage as well. I think making a dent in a 130 year old organization of now 6 million strong may take more years than any of us have even in one lifetime.

    But here for all of you who have already contributed..

    <pat pat pat>

    Feel better now?


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