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  • Bleep

    The UN will eventually get rid of all false religion.

    But when they try to get rid of the JW's they will have to fight Jehovah.

    Maybe that is why Jehovah's people do not have close ties with the UN??

    Nothing to cover up.

  • hawkaw

    I guess you missed those 1991 and 1976 WT magazines that basically said the Catholics & other religions show they are part of the great harlot by being "NGOs associated" with the the UN. Something the magazines go on to talk about that the WTS will never do because it supposedly knows better.

    Of course, this is the exact same thing that the WTS did from 1991 to October 2001. Which the WTS admitted too and tried to sluff it all off by forgetting their own doctrine in the 1976 and 1991 Watchtower magazines. And justifying it all by telling us how they just wanted to go to the library. How pityful - break your own doctrine to go to the library (that they didn't even need).


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  • ashitaka


    You are astounding. Will you develop a cult based on your wisdom so I can follow it?@!?!?!?!?!!? Please!!!?!?!?!!


  • BudLight

    I loved those quotes Klaus!!!!!!

  • mind

    Can you really deal with the truth? Can you deal with knowledge? Deal with Luke 16: 1-13.

    Do you have practical wisdom???

    always in time, always on your mind.... this time that time.... to the end of the the time with mind....

  • D8TA

    To bad you lost your mind...but then again, "practical wisdom" would prevent one from shoving it up their own ass in the first place.

  • mind

    Just like I thought... my mom always told me if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen...


    Before you post, READ LUKE 16:1-13. Then you will, get the picture!!! All jokes, pranks, insults aside... Read.... Be enlighten...

  • D8TA
    my mom always told me if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen

    Yep, and it got rid of you for a few hours while we did our business.

    READ LUKE 16:1-13

    * throws bible out the window *

    Okay, now we play be MY rules. Luke can go save the galaxy for all I care. What is in this thread has nothing to do with the bible, it has to do with deliberate deception by the WTS and it's hypocrisy. This is not about "imperfection" by the standards of your dusty manual from sheep herders from the mid-east nor deals with such applications.

    Let's make this simple shall we?

    The governing body has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. YOU are one of those people that show up and start misdirecting attention from such action with a song & dance. This may work in your little JW world, it doesn't work in the real world. The most you accomplish here is making an ass of yourself, nothing more.

    This isn't your Kingdumb Hall.

  • mind
    T O P I C R E V I E W

    Yep, and it got rid of you for a few hours while we did our business.

    Yep, she got busy with you. Every summer when the maggots came, to the lake house, where we throw our fish heads. She always had the can of RAID ready for you. Spray you down well. I kept telling her maggots don't die that way.

    You have to use the TRUTH...


    Go ask for your old job back @ FORD. say what?? REJECTED!!!! They have smarter crash dummies... But let's be serious for a moment...go apply at YUGO. Same response. REJECTED!!! hey were still cool.

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    I read all the info on the freeminds website . . .Quite an eye opener!

    Truly unbelievable! This is what I got out of the information, in a nutshell. . .

    Did the WTS really think no one would find out about their affiliation with the UN?

    Did the WTS legal department never have a look at the UN application . . being that the UN is the so-called dangerous "wild beast(TM)" and all? (not to mention the world's sharpest legal minds drenched in the holy spirit(TM) . . . you'd think they would have caught it!!!!!)

    And . . . after the letter of "explanation" to the branches . . .<I'm getting a visual of all the milk-lapping and head nodding of all the loyal dubbies> Uh huh. . ."access to research material related to health, ecological and social problems" . . . all Theocratically(TM) explained away. . .It seems the WTS neglected to say no such membership was needed to have access to this aforementioned "research material(TM)" . . .

    ROFLMAO at this!!!


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