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  • R.F.

    Thanks and hello again guys.

    I defenitely plan on getting more education. Too, it sounds like to many of you regret that you didn't do so yourselves perhaps earlier in life. The interesting thing is that there was this sister who that I might add is one of the most reasonable persons I know, that basically begged me to go back to school because she has had it very difficult. However the ones that look so heavily down on higher education are wives(not knocking you ladies) of certain well off brothers, who don't have to work or lift a finger unless she is out pioneering.

    As far as things with my fiancee goes, i'm still in heavy thought about that. I love her dearly but I want to proceed with caution. I definitely don't want to put her in an uncomfortable postion, so I definitely will use the Bible study method, without the publications of course to kind see where her viewpoints are.

  • codeblue

    Welcome RF

    You truly are a "thinking" young man. I admire your quest in doing research!

    One of the things you stated was "the lack of love" and how that is how we are suppose to be identified as Jehovah's people, being a JW. That was one of the reasons that finally woke me up. I have moved around a lot in the USA and found that there was NOT a brotherly love by the horrible things said, especially the elders. With my recent moves, all the congregation cared about was my PUBLISHER CARD....NOT ME.

    Seeing the last 10 minutes of the May 2002 Dateline that exposed the pedophile problem in the WTBS was my defining moment. I had been a very zealous JW, raised in the religion and raised both my adult sons. It was as Dr. Phil said: "a defining moment in my life". How could I go from door to door saying we are a "clean organization" when we are no better then the Catholics they put down constantly (because of their pedophile problem) ? I went in the door to door one more time. Sat in a car with gossiping elder's wife. That was my last time....early 2003.

    Keep posting and reading. Rely on your "gut" feelings, they are there for a reason.


  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    Hi R.F welcome .........Here's a question you might want to give some in depth consideration, you can start some research on the early constructors of the organization, way back

    with C.T.Russell and Judge Rutherford, there is allot of info on the net which be can gained by simply googling their names. I think you'll come to the conclusion as many others have

    that these men were defiantly striving to set up their own personal kingdom where they themselves were to be the ones who sat on the top of the throne so to speak. They were certainly

    not god inspired to say the least, although they have said so many times over and over. I personal think they were corrupted by the obtainable power and the love of power, men have been

    driven at times to a point of mental illness due to this endeavor. The unfortunate side effects are present and are obviously seen by the people who surround these very individuals.

    So do take some time to look over some of the discussions here, there are allot of warm hearted intelligent people in this forum, with loads of information at your disposal.

    Best regards.....................H.D.

  • nvrgnbk

    Good for you R.F.!

    I wish I had done what you're doing now when I was your age, also pioneering, also a M.S., married with a child.

    Take your time. Inform yourself. Keep the communication open and frank with your fiancee.

    Honesty is your best friend. Listen to your instincts. Your brain is trying to help you. Listen to it.

    Love and respect,


  • mavie

    Welcome R.F.!

    I'm glad to see you here examining and researching the facts for yourself. As you mentioned, a loving God would want his subjects to know that they are serving in the proper way.

    I used to be an M.S. I was raised as a JW. My entire family are JW's. I left after realizing the Watchtower is not what it claims to be. No matter how sincere they may be, they are not what they claim to be.

    I heard someone talking about the LDS church the other day. He said:

    "I left the church because I felt that I was forced to conclude that for whatever else it might be, it wasn't what it claimed to be...(I) risked my life for the church."

    "I don't think that I can delude myself into thinking, or to make it ok, for my children to put their lives on the line for the 'thing' if it's not what it claims to be. It might be the best 'thing' ever invented, but if it's invented, it's not worth dying for." - Tal Bachman

    This applies to JW's as well. Even if living as a JW is the best way of living, if it's invented, if it's not real, it's not worth living.

    I lost my family, divorced my wife, and lost all my friends during my exit. It was worth it because I'm now living a life which is not invented. I'm being true to myself.


    (By the way, I got the above quote from a Mormon special on PBS. Here is the link:


    The Tal quote is from part 18 from about 3:30 - 5:00 minutes.)

  • visualt

    This is a good place I guarantee

  • Honesty

    Welcome to the board, R.F.

    I started out with doubts which turned into questions which turned into research which turned into.......

    Yep, you guesssed it!!!

    The most dreaded word in a JW's vocabulary....


    You see I was on the Fast Track to being disfellowshipped when I told the Bethel Bruthas that Jesus is really God after all.

    Anyway, I'm free from the Watchtower Society FOREVER.

    I hope you gain your FREEDOM too.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Hi R.F.

    Welcome,welcome,a thousand times welcome.If we were in the same room we would shake you by the hand and give you a big hug and tell you that everyone is here to help you with what ever question you have.There are a lot of friends here who I am sure can answer your questions better than I can but for what it's worth, I walked away from the lie over forty years ago when I was about your age and guess what , never regreted it once.Don't spend your life following a false hope of mumbo jumbo or one day when the scales fall from your eyes you may say "my God what have I believed in all these years that as caused me so much misery."Instead of thanking him for a deliverance from false promises and lies and giving you what you were meant for in the first place your heart will be full of regret.

    It is only when you have put distance between yourself and the borg that you realise just how foolish it all is.

    Best wishes Edmond.

  • barbiecon

    Greetings RF,

    I also am new here, but old in the truth. I was baptized in 1963 at the age of 12. Ah, the good old days.

    I remember when I was young and omnipotent and I thought that one of the differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and other religions was that we had no “dogma”. The truth was the Truth (capital intended).

    My favorite web site is http://www.quotes-watchtower.co.uk/ where you can get a really good laugh—and it is quite informative. But if any of the information there makes you want to leave Jehovah’s Organization you’ve got your head up your wazoo.

    This just in: The Society has changed their position over the course of the last century! Wow! Hey folks it’s more like Yawn! Seriously, are you just discovering this? And you were baptized?

    So you’ve got some questions. Good! It’s about time. Folks shouldn’t get baptized before 30; after your done a fair amount of living and know what you want and had your questions up for review and answered. But that, as they say, is neither here nor there.

    First let me review the wealth of information we have in this thread so far.

    Gopher makes a good point about thinking. You need independent thinking based on facts. Dependent thinking is what children do and your dedication and baptism takes you out of that classification.

    AuseSapere’s three things to consider are also worthy of note, and Arthur is correct in his scriptural citations although his use of “uninspired religious leaders” may lead you to think that some are inspired. They are not.

    Monkeyironfoot seems to take the whole “question” of the truth to be based on some word games and moon phases, which it is not.

    Snowbird thinks that information gathering is the path to enlightenment. It is not.

    LeslieV left the Truth because she wanted her girls “to experience life, have an education, not be treated as unequals to men”. So hows that going? The world on my TV set here in Reno, NV indicates not so well, I suspect. She also would like more Jesus in Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sorry the “J” in JW is already taken. Maybe start a new religion, Jesus’ Witnesses. Sheesh, even Jesus said to worship God.

    Now, dear brother R.F., that guy jwfacts makes a good point and one to remember. ““It is important, then, that you "keep testing whether you are in the faith," as Paul declared.” However he looses it in his bullet points. Upset about the changes, he is. Who was Jehovah using in the first century before Jesus? The archaic and doomed Jewish system that Jesus denounced, that’s who. But did Jesus disassociate himself from the Jews, their religion and their way of worship. (insert rhetorical answer here) And of course the horror of horrors when he found out the branch office in Brooklyn was “run by quite average men”. :-0

    The truth is, RF, everyone here, save me and you have left the organization to go where? Not an answer in the lot of them. Just left. And wondering why there is anyone left in the organization. Grumbling about not enough Jesus and fine word points, the length of the last days and why CT Russell got (or didn’t get) divorced. And what about that Xmas at Bethel!

    Jesus said that the greatest commandment is love. Paul, that habitual lawyer, also argues for that great emotion and dominate facet of Jehovah’s personality.

    Im not going to tell you the organization is perfect. As the membership has grown it has become like a bloated ship, hard to steer, leaden. Full of unhappy people who wonder where this “so called presence is”. Where is my “everlasting life”? Can I get a paradise to go and an order of fries?

    No, the organization is far from perfect. But it used to be better. And will be again.

    Ask yourself this: Is god real? Alive? Caring? Did he write the Bible? If he did, is he desirous of communication with us then, eh? If he is, then he will, nay, must make it possible. And if he does, how? Who? When? Where?

    Oh, and wait, there’s more! You got bent outa shape by some of your “loving brothers and sisters” (quotes all mine) that have been ‘dis ing you and your mom and your girlfriend and they don’t pat you on the back all that much and the MS thing isn’t getting you enough kudos and the pioneering gig is turning into monkey dung and my head hurts. Oh, RF, if only...

    Ok, first all that pioneering and servant stuff is EXTRA burden you have put upon yourself. It’s just like credit card debt but much easier to get rid of. Three little words: Just say NO! Quit. Bale. You cannot earn everlasting life no matter how much you do. Don’t even try. Taking care of your mom then will be much easier for YOU, the primary responsible person. And you will be happier, and your fiance will be thrilled, or not. But do it for yourself. Like Chevy Chase said in Caddyshack “Be the publisher”.

    So there you have it. You wanna leave? Jumping from the frying pan into the fire? To quote, red letter edition:

    Owing to this many of his disciples went off to the things behind and would no longer walk with him. Therefore Jesus said to the twelve: “YOU do not want to go also, do YOU?” Simon Peter answered him: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life; and we have believed and come to know that you are the Holy One of God.”

    Serve this guy, Jesus, RF, not the slave, not the society, not your self and not this bunch.


  • truthsetsonefree

    Welcome aboard R.F.


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