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  • jgnat

    Welcome, R.F. I'm the non-JW half of a mixed marriage. There's some good advice and support on this thread, I won't repeat it. My interest, due to my own circumstance, is in helping partners.

    My fiancee has revealed to me some of her concerns as well, but their not to the extent as mine, and I haven't revealed some of my heavy concerns to her.

    You might be guessing at this point, how lovely it is to have a helpmeet at your side. A confidante, a trusted friend, to help you through the storms of life. If your fiancee does not progress in your thinking as you do, however, you might be in for years of misery. It helps so much if your life partner understands your heart. It hurts so much if they don't.

    This is the dilemma with the Witnesses. If you reveal your full heart, your doubts too early, if the person is not prepared, they can panic. They may reject you. Over and over on the board we read the devastating effects if the partner does not come along for the ride.

    I'm assuming your dates are fairly well supervised. Even so, do you think you can arrange a regular bible study, a real one? Studying the books and topics that are giving you concern? The book itself can serve as a buffer, so she is less likely to fear your conclusions. Studying, together, also, will help the two of you know if you are of one heart BEFORE you get married.

    What do you think?

  • avidbiblereader

    Welcome RF, glad to have you and your story is no different than others who have posted here, so don't feel bad about being here or that you are strange. In looking at your post below you stated, in view of common sense and spiritually

    I'm 22 years old and a ministerial servant and pioneer in my congregation. I'm not really here to knock the organization, but I must admit that there are some things(ex. doctrinal points, congregational problems) that have concerned me as of late that I just can't bring myself to overlook.

    Does this sound Christlike, that so many people have major concerns with the conduct and teachings that are going on, I for one cannot imagine the apostles and early disciples having this problem as millions have had to with this organization.

    I'm defintely not trying to leave the organization or anything but as you all know the immediate consequences of me voicing my feelings to ones in the congregation, I feel I need to voice this and that can do so here.

    Again this morbid fear of men because of just SIMPLY having some thoughts, being completely expelled and cut off because you cant agree with one point, again I cant for the life of me, see Jesus acting this way with his disciples, he was always approachable, never did he scrutinize them with a veiw of kicking them out, rather humbly taught and was patient with them, trying to build their faith. Almost makes you wonder, What are they so afraid of????

    My fiancee has revealed to me some of her concerns as well, but their not to the extent as mine, and I haven't revealed some of my heavy concerns to her.

    Same story just a different person and time. Christ said in John 18:37 in the Living Translation Pilate said, “So you are a king?”

    Jesus responded, “You say I am a king. Actually, I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.”

    Those that love truth, which is God's Word, not a system of teachings by men that are flawed and consistently wrong, changing. rather lovers of truth listen to Christ and God's Word. PERIOD!!

    I guess i'm just acknowledging now that I from now on will approach things with an open mind and take advantage of much knowledge available out there. I have come to realize that I won't loose God's favor because of wanting to be absolutely sure that i'm worshipping Him in the way that He wants me to.

    Only God and Christ can decide who has their favor and not men, especially when your desire is to please God and search for Him and His Christ because of what you are seeing and hearing and want no part of the hypocrisy and lies. Continue to search for God and Christ by reading His Word and begging Him for understanding, also try using different translations, as you will see flaws in the NWT and places they have changed it to suit their own teachings, do as Christ our Lord said, keep searching, keep asking and keep knocking and ask God for Him to open your mind to His simplistic and realistic message in the Bible and forget the teachings of men and dogma that has nothing to do with bring praise and glory to God the Father through our Lord Christ Jesus. I wish you well and keep praying to God to show you the way to peace and truth.



  • JH

    Welcome R.F.

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could talk this freely at the Kingdom Hall.

    And if you were allowed to and others as well, wouldn't it be a more loving and human place to worship God?

  • snowbird

    It would be nice if we could talk freely and discuss anything at the Kingdom Hall. As you grow older and get tired of trying to please everybody, it becomes much easier for you to state your opinions on matters. I am inactive and haven't been to a meeting since 2005. My daughter still attends; she hasn't gone out in field service this morning as she is studying for final IB exams. My prayers are that she will begin to research the Society's teachings on her own and realize the contrast between manmade teachings and those of the Holy Scriptures. Come to think of it, those are my prayers for all who are still in the Watchtower organization.


  • willyloman

    RF: I am a long time elder who spent nearly 30 years as a JW before my wife and I decided three or four years ago to walk away.

    We raised four childen, all of whom pioneered right out of high school. We were "pillars" in our congregation and extended a large number of "theocratic privileges." I spoke at circuit and district conventions where I wore an Administation name tag and got to sit in the the luxury boxes under the air conditioning, drinking coffee and nibbling the gourment snacks that were brought in daily.

    All of our family left at the same time (actually, one daughter had left earlier) and we are all very happy with our collective decision. The biggest regret my children have is that they did not go to college and get and education. The one who left early did go and finished college. Since we left, another has gone to the university where she is doing extremely well and flourishing. A third has taken some classes and now talking about going on to get a degree. My regret is that I didn't make it possible for them to go to college earlier. At the time I was immersed in the dub world and didn't want to buck the JW doctrine on higher education. It was one of the many, many things I came to realize was wrong with the organization.

    My advice to you: While you are sorting this all out, be sure to get an education. It will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

  • garybuss

    Hi RF,


    The other sheep are not identified until after Armageddon starts and to be a member of the great crowd (that passes through Armageddon), a person must not die before Armageddon. So who are all the thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses who live and die before Armageddon?

    They aren't anointed, they can't be other sheep because that's a future judgment, and they can't be members of the great crowd who will not die, because they are dead. So who are they?

  • Quandry


    The fact that you are engaged but unable to discuss this with your loved one is most disturbing. This is a time when you should be able to put all concerns on the table before the vows are made.

    It is sad that the WTS puts us in positions like this. Fear, guilt--the WTS is expert at manipulating us to keep quiet.

  • Borgia

    Hi RF and welcome here.

    As you will have gathered, openeing your eyes once, makes it difficult to close them again without feeling the same. One thing the Borg is really correct about: thinking for yourself is definitively the first step away from them.....yes....the ugly 8 letter word.

    From your posts up till now, I gather you have some really good opportunities to make some descisions to improve your life.

    Use your talents and opportunities well. And in the meantime, enjoy your participation.



  • ninja

    hey RFeyy mate...welcome to the madhouse....I mean board....ninja from sunny scotland......another brave soul dips a toe in the water....woo hoo

  • BrentR

    Welcome to JWD RF! I was also 22 when I left for good. There's a great group of people here with lots of good advice. We do not judge here and accept you as you are. Start making some non JW friends that you can rely on if you find yourself kicked out suddenly. You have us but it's not the same.

    Keep asking yourself questions and closely analyze the type of "love" you see from JW's vs what the bible speaks about.

    "Actions speak louder then words"

    "By thier fruits you will know them"

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